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Best way to handle Low impression account

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My account on a daily occurrence on average looks like this:




This the daily occurrence. We're trying to drive down the cost per conversion. The issue is we're currently bidding on hte largest keywords for "first position bids". Anything less and we don't reach the budge / don't get enough clicks. When we lower the bid we get cheaper clicks but even less conversions again. Currently aiming for $20/conversion.


Currently it seems the conversion rate is already fairly high. My main question it seems would be, what should our focus be? It's a local business, with a radius targeting. Should we be focusing on increasing impressions now? Focus on an even higher conversion rate? 33% seems fairly high though I thought? 


Ideally, we're after more clicks at a lower cost in the hope of just MORE conversions but not sure what to target to do this as per our previous failed attempts with the bids.



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Re: Best way to handle Low impression account

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Hi Chris,


How exactly have you structured your account?


What type of campaigns are you running? Search, Display, combined, ramarketing etc...?


Did you check the Auction Insights Report to see atleast how the other advertisers are performing with your ad auctions? That would give you a sense of where you actually stand.


To be honest with you, conversion rate of 33% is huge. Not sure how would you actually achieve it since the industry standard varies.



Re: Best way to handle Low impression account

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Your conversion rate is wonderful though the cost is high as you say. Instead of changing this campaign, create another on search and display for broad exposure within your local area, using display ads too, to complement your conversion campaign driving more searches toward that campaign.

Re: Best way to handle Low impression account

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If you sell bags of chips at $3 a bag, then $33 is high. If you sell Maseratis, well, you're doing great.

My point is that we simply don't have enough information to make a judgement. For example, we don't know what action a conversion represents... you do say that you'd like the CPA to be $20 - but that may be unrealistic or an oversimplification.

The very fact that the conversion rate is 33% suggests that the conversion is readily achievable and my immediate conclusion would be that it is not as meaningful as we might think in terms of the commerical objective.

I'd really like to get more details... starting with - what represents a conversion and what is a conversion worth to your business both immediately and in terms of customer lifetime value.

I audited an account a couple of years ago where the conversion rate was over 100% - the converison being measured was a visit to the landing page and the reason it was over 100% was due to some visitors refreshing the page and doubling their conversion.

We need a little more context before making further recommendations.....