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Best way to get back CTR and Impr share?

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Previously, the account was doing well with CTR. But someone made some changes and we need to get back to that place since we need the QS help. 


Also, as you can see Search IS has been erratic. 


I tried to check change history during those dates of drop in CTR and don't know where to look since there's a lot of bid increases and can't figure out the one or set of things that causes the drop in CTR.

About the search IS, it seems everything is fine as well... yet the graph shows the erratic behavior of Search IS.


Any tips on how to combat these? 




Re: Best way to get back CTR and Impr share?

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Mark H,

A drop in CTR, Click through Rate, can be from a number of factors.

1) change in Match type?
2) Addition of negative keywords ( to stop bad impressions and bad clicks)
3) Lower Ad Rank based upon Bid adjustments or other changes
4) Not adding additional extensions
5) Change in Ad copy - Bad Ad Copy
6) More competition with better USP - Unique Selling Proposition or better brand name.

First thing I would look at is the potential of the adding of negative keywords. You may have have had a better CTR but those clicks were not truly relevant. With negative Keywords your impression would go down from a historical situation, but be much better off in the ROI or ROAS outlook.

Next I would check match types. Did you have a bunch of Broad match Modifier the +Keyword + Keyword? Those QS anecdotally have seemed to loose some QS lately and the regular broad match gained QS. Check that to see if you need to adjust the match types.

Without really looking at your account data totally it is hard to pick up on what the exact issues are as well as looking at your competition.

But if this is the same Mark H that reached out via Helpouts... "the impression share was about the same but leads are down and QS is down.." -

AD RANK would be the number one issue.

Check your ad ranks - make sure you have all the available extensions, new Location extension and NEW Call Out Extension. That could cause a drop in AD Rank.

Match Type could cause the Drop in QS

What does your Search query reports look like? Good Quality or still some bad impressions and click.?

I am leaving the Search IS out of this based on the private data you sent,.

Re: Best way to get back CTR and Impr share?

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Hi Mark,


With the excellent suggestions given by Eric, i would like to add few more points here.


Did you check the Search impressions share lost metric due to Budget & Rank ?


You can find out the reason for your lost in impressions with this metrics and improve that area.


What is the Avg Position of your Ads ?


Check out the Avg Position of your Ads when comparing to previous period.


And one more, increase in bid can also some times results in decrease in impression share why because you are paying more for the same click so, your budget would deplete sooner than previous. 

Re: Best way to get back CTR and Impr share?

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Hey Mark,

Eric and John Paul have both made great points and asked great questions. I would like to add in a few more questions/ideas.

Are you tracking conversions? If so, have you noticed a difference in volume? Overall conversion volume trumps CTR even though CTR is very important.

Have you added keywords or expanded targeting? Sometimes IS can fluctuate when targeting changes, since you are eligible for additional impressions. Have overall impression totals changed by month?

Looking forward to hearing more!