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Best Method of Increasing Bid In Competitive Market

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I am placing ads in the legal field which is extremely competitive. According to Google my landing page experiences are better than average and I have better than average ads but unfortunately, my estimated CTR is lower than average. The result is that my ad rank is low and I am getting very few impressions and zero clicks.

My thought is that perhaps I should bid higher to elevate my QS, which I am quite willing to do. However, I'm not aware of how I could bid higher than the manner in which I am already placing my bids. Currently, I have my campaigns set to automatically bid whatever amount is needed to target the top spot. Is there anything I can do beyond that?


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Best Method of Increasing Bid In Competitive Market

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Hi Christopher


Higher bids will not make your Quality Score better.

There is nothing you can do to change Estimated CTR in your current keywords.

You can elevate this factor adding new, more specific keywords with higher expected CTR. If you can still achieve this same LP experience and ad relevancy, you get higher Quality Score and your AdRank will be improved.


Don't forget, it's an auction - if your competitors are bidding high, you cannot give in

Best Method of Increasing Bid In Competitive Market

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As per your situation, you have to change Automatic Bid to Manual Bid with Enhanced CPC.


You can do with the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. From your Campaigns tab, click the name of the campaign you want to work with.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Find the "Bid strategy" section. Click Edit.
  5. Choose Manual CPC bidding from the drop-down, and check the Enable Enhanced CPC option. ...
  6. Select Apply.

Read more About Enhanced CPC (ECPC)


Hope this will help.




Best Method of Increasing Bid In Competitive Market

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Top Contributor

I would switch to manual CPC per keyword. Go through the  last 30 day average CPC per keyword, and  slightly increase the bid.

I would also use the common techniques (negative keywords, match types, ad-copy) to improve CTR. Pause any keyword with low QS which does not convert.

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