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Best Ad Rotation Setting for Keyword-Ad Relevance?

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My ad groups are organized so that each one is for a different product page on my website.  There are a few different angles for advertising one product, so I have about 5-10 ads and 10-20 keywords per ad group.


I just set up a new campaign (so no historical statistics), and I'd like to understand the best ad rotation setting.  I feel that some keywords would be better served by specific ads that have the keyword in them.  How can I optimize it so that ad relevance is the most important factor for choosing which ad to serve for a specific keyword?


I was thinking to start off with rotating evenly for the first 90 days, just to ensure to give all the ads enough chance to be tested before Google starts favoring certain ads with only a limited number of clicks/conversions.  But, as an example, if Ad 1 and Ad 2 are the most relevant for Keyword C, I don't want Keyword C to show Ads 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... evenly if only the first 2 ads have the keyword in it.  Will it?


Likewise, if I optimize for clicks or conversions, will Google look at the historical clicks/conversions data for that specific keyword when deciding which ad to show for that keyword, or across all keywords?  I hope the former, since, for example, I don't want it to show Ad 5 if it performs best overall even though the more relevant Ad 1 performs best for Keyword C.


Thank you!



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Re: Best Ad Rotation Setting for Keyword-Ad Relevance?

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Have you looked into doing dynamic ads? They might be what you are looking for to best match the the ad copy with the users search and the product pages on your site.

See for more info.

Hope this Helps!

Re: Best Ad Rotation Setting for Keyword-Ad Relevance?

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Hi Tyler,

I will recommend you to go with "optimise for clicks" in this case.

If you will go with this setting then system will automatically trigger the most relevant ad to any keyword corresponding to a particular query, to provide you maximum clicks.

If you have any such offers or USPs in different ads which you want to highlight anyhow evenly then you should prefer "rotate Evenly" setting for ad rotation.

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Re: Best Ad Rotation Setting for Keyword-Ad Relevance?

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@Tyler S;

If you have keywords which perform better with a given ad-copy, which is tightly themed to these KWs,  the best strategy would be to set them in a separate ad-group, as  exact match  KWs,  and to bid higher on these keywords. If you have these keywords also in other ad-groups, in a phrase or broad  (match types), you'll have to add them as negative KWs (to avoid the "specific" ad-copy triggered by the "other" KWs).


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Re: Best Ad Rotation Setting for Keyword-Ad Relevance?

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Thanks for weighing in. I'm also going to paste in what I heard back from AdWords support, since I found it helpful:


Yes, you are correct, the rotate evenly setting definitely depends on ad relevance. If we look at the "Optimize for clicks" settings, then it takes into account the history of the ad. The ad with higher CTR and better performance will be shown more. Let us discuss this in  detail.


How often we deliver your active ads in relation to one another within an ad group?

This is determined by Ad serving and works as follows:

  1. Optimize for clicks (default setting): The system will favor ads with a combination of a high clickthrough rate (CTR) and Quality Score. These ads will enter the ad auction more often. When an ad group has more than one creative, the system will show the creative with the higher clickthrough rate and Quality Score more often. We also don't weight new data more heavily. This means that ads that are proven to drive more traffic will appear with greater frequency than ads with lower CTRs and Quality Score.
  2. Rotate: The system will show your ads more evenly. However, other factors may affect how ads rotate. There have been cases where ad rotation is working correctly with one ad getting 99% of the impressions. This leads to the confusion and questions about why one ad is showing more often than another.  

Other things to consider: 

  1. If an ad is created late in the day, it will have a lower ad served percentage at the end of the day than the existing ads. This difference will lessen as the ad gains new clicks and impressions.
  2. If an ad has yet to be reviewed by AdWords Specialists, it'll only appear on If it isn't yet generating impressions on the Google Network, an ad will have a lower ad served percentage.
  3. If an ad shows in a low average position, it may not be served as much due to being outplaced.
  4. Since we do consider an ad creative Quality Score, the keyword that matches to the ad can have a huge influence on the ad served percentage. If all of an ad group’s keywords are about 'glass' and only one of the ad texts is about 'glass,' that ad creative may be served significantly more than the others.

Example: Ad Rotation: how the ad is chosen by different rotation mechanisms

Ad 1: CTR 10%, CVR 10%, Conversions/Impression = 1%

Ad 2: CTR 30%, CVR 5%, Conversions/Impression = 1.5%

"Optimize for Clicks" would select Ad 2 due to CTR.