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Be successful in the first setup

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Many times you see people say PPC gives results within days unlike SEO which can take months. Sure, but how do you setup a campaign in an industry that is new to you and you can immediately show some success? I always say "In 3 months, you'll see it gets better" - but some of these clients expect to see results in as little as 10 days because of what they have been hearing "PPC shows fast results!"


Please advise.

Re: Be successful in the first setup

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Hi Mark,
I agree with you - it takes time, sometimes 3 months or more for you to see continuous improvement. While it can often take time to grow a new Account, hopefully there are a few immediate things you can do to keep clients from wasting money -

Typically making changes that will immediate help curb unprofitable costs is a step in the right direction.

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Re: Be successful in the first setup

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If you do set up your account correctly and are diligent in it's management you can see results quickly. But in order to do that you have to know what you are doing, do plenty of research in advance.

VKore91 gave you excellent links to understand and work with. Too add to that I will give you some concepts as well.

1) Make sure you Landing pages convert from other traffic sources. Make sure your products convert from other traffic sources. If they don't convert from All traffic, they will not magically convert from Adwords.

2) Make sure you Identify what a conversion is. If it's ecommerce that's simple. If it's leads for a service. make sure you track with Goals from a thank you page, and also add Call Tracking. I always use a 3rd party call tracking if Phone leads are considered, because you can see the actual keyword that converts ( while adwords won;t tell you). It also allows you to track Adwords extensions separately as well as conversion from click through source and keyword.

3) Define your targets from Geo graphic. Set ad schedules correctly. Is it B2B or B2C. B2B there is little reason to show ads on weekends and late evening overnight etc.

4) If you campaign is ecommerce, Pick 5-10 products that sell, Don't attempt to sell all products from the start. Ease into it so that your Budget can produce, and you are not spreading yourself to thin with Budget. Same thing with Google Shopping, create a Manual feed with just those 5-10 products to ease into it. Once you get ROI's and sales, then you can add to the account to expand.

4) Prepare. Think about what you are doing, what keyword and adgroups to build and write multiple versions of Ad copy ( Line1- 25 spaces Headline, Line2- 35 spaces, Line3- 35 spaces). Make sure Anaklytics is synced correctly, Ad Remarketing Tags either with Adwords, or via Analytics as soon as possible to the website. Sync Google My Business for your location. Think about your Site link extensions. Get that call tracking script set up.

5) Review your competition LIVE for the kewyords you think you will be going after. What is there USP ( Unique Selling proposition) Can you compete? Do you have an offer that sets you apart? Work on writing your ads - Have 5-10 ad versions per Ad group. Create your ad groups on paper and make them tight, 5-10 keyword per ad group that are 100% tight with the keywords. Each Ad group needs to be aligned with the Ads for better potential Quality scores. It's ok to have many ad groups. Think in advance what campaigns, what ad groups, what keywords.

Figure out your Budget. What you can spend. The first week you will have to spend a lot. So make sure you don't throttle yourself with low budget from the jump. If you can afford 100 a day, Have campaigns allotted for 200 a day for the first week. I always over Budget in the campaigns and adjust if I spend to much of the True Budget. Remember to Budget based on your ad schedule. If no weekends then you are budgeting not for 30 days but for 22 days. on average.

Create your account. Define Search or Display. Keep search and display separate. I would suggest only use Display for Remarketing ( when you have a time results crunch),

Figure out your Match types.

Start with Manual Biding, View where you land adjust a lot based on your competition to find out your true bid for #1 spot and lower.

( It is a lot of work, but if you wan to show results, be professional put in the time, effort you will quickly master the game of adwords)

6) Week one. (or first 2 days) If you are on a time crunch for results. Work your BIDs go for the TOP #1 Spot. Check constantly, add negative keywords from Analytics Matched Search Query. Biding High for the first few days gives you quick results and can expedite your true potential in QS ( some will say this is not true- but has always worked for me).

Check your QS - Add negative keywords

7) Week one - day 3-4 if result are bad, Drop bids to 2nd or 3rd place. Check you Ad's- Check your QS. Ad negative Keywords.

8) There are a tons more of secret sauce to use. But If you follow the plan above and it makes sense to you, the other secret sauce should come to you as well.

note: Every Market is different, What works in Market A may not work in Market B. One of the secrets is to be Diligent, Data dive your results and consistently test. But the above is my initial start out plan for all account and i adjust accordingly and see Results.

Hope that helps.

Eric G

Re: Be successful in the first setup

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Thank you so very much for giving me such amazing and incredibly detailed answer! Absolutely love it!

Using your wisdom, I am looking to create a campaign targeting just competitors - and ofcourse, the destination URLs will have no mention of the competitors keywords which might result in low QS.

What are your suggestions in winning with AdWords on a competitor campaign?

Re: Be successful in the first setup

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Sorry Mark

I don't feel comfortable giving out any advice about Using Competitors names as the keyword that triggers ads.

I don't do it myself for my clients, and I don't condone those actions or would offer assistance to someone wanting to do that. To each there own, but I don't have to contribute to that behavior or discussion.

Re: Be successful in the first setup

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I apologize Eric, I didn't know this topic may have a divided community.
I respect your position, and thanks for the contribution so far!