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Basic question but important

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i had a google adwords account for some time now and i have one campaign with several ad groups performing for me (not sure good or bad).

Recently i had been advice to create separate campaigns for all my ad groups to get better results. I did so,

now the individual / agency who adviced me for this step is after my life to pause my previous campaign and focus on new ones. For me the traffic and performance sales every thing had dropped so much that there have been days without a single sale. once i pause the new ones and activate the previous things get back to normal for me.

also if I run all campaigns at the same time then also the results are bad.

as i understand the whole adwords account would now take its own sweet time to give me results. also that if the average is low then the entire performance would also be bad..

pls advice.

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Re: Basic question but important

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Hello Chris and welcome,


I believe that you are the owner of the Adwords account which you are talking about here. Please correct me if that isn't the case here.


If some individual/agency adviced you some tips and if that's not working right as far as your understanding goes, then you have all the legal rights to pause the new campaigns and unpause the one which was giving good ROI as per your statement.


Campaign optimization is followed by almost all the advertisers across globe where they tend to tweak the campaigns and create new campaigns so that the Adwords account perform optimally. So there's no problem in that, but before making any new campaigns, there should be healthy data to consider and then formalise the strategy to work accordingly.


Just a thought!


Re: Basic question but important

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Hi Chris,

In addition to what Pankaj replied above,

As you know when you are pausing the new campaigns and going back to old campaigns things are back to normal.

I would say please carry on with your old campign structure and optimize your old campaign to get good results.

Seperate campaign for each adgroup does not make any sense to me because what if you have 100's of adgroups. Do you think 100's of campaigns are manageable?

Also Did they advice you to use proper negative keyword strategy across campaigns/adgroups?

I would advice here to optimize your old campaign. Test negative keyword across adgroups.

Search negatives from search query for old campaign as well new campaign and add them in negative keywords list in order to get relevant targeted traffic.

Look into impression share report and see where you are loosing impression and try to impove those stats.

I would also encourage here to test multiple variations of adcopy acrss adgroups and find out the best adcopy according to CTR and conversion Rate.

Play around bids if you are lacking position that you are targeting.

Lastly, Never just do what others are suggesting, first you yourself try to think if the strategy told to you makes any sense or not. If you think it make sense and you can test, Please never hesitate to test. Becuase Adwords is all about testing new strategies.

Hope it helps!

Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Basic question but important

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I've managed many client accounts that I have a pretty good idea of what may be happening here. In fact, something similar happened just last week and you could just be my client (unlikely, your name is Chris, I'll call him Simon).


First, I'll assume that the individual knows what they are doing and has experience setting up and managing accounts in order to improve results.


Simon used keywords that are too generic. He offers tree services: trimming, cutting down. He thought of simply bidding on "tree" and "trees". This of course shows his ads for all kinds of unrelated searches like "how old does a maple tree live".

I create better groups based on his actual services. Being much more specific, he gets a lot less impressions and clicks but those clicks are of higher quality.


After a few days, Simon says he's unhappy. Simon says to restart his old campaign because he believes that spending four times more as he did before, logically he will make three to four times the revenues.


I suspect your situation is similar to Simon's. The faulty logic here is that spending more in Adwords will get more sales. Not so if your keywords are too broad and generic. It's not about spending more, it's about spending logically on keywords that will generate the revenues.


Sounds to me like the individual is doing things right. The problem is that before you were probably throwing keywords at the wall and hoping they would stick. You say you are not sure if the campaign was performing good or bad. Not knowing this is poor business practice.


If you have a tighter campaign using focussed keywords, you will get a lesser number of clicks. But don't focus on the actual number. Those clicks are probably of higher quality than before. I suspect you got many calls before from the campaign that simply did not convert. Your conversion rate is likely higher now.


I would have done exactly what your manager did. Don't run all the campaigns at the same time. Let his campaign grow and mature. Both campaigns are probably fighting against each other and that is why the results are poor.


Yes, you have the right to do with your account what you wish. But you hired a specialist for a reason, listen to him. Learn from him. Work together. The manager needs to learn about your business as much as you need to understand how Adwords works. Simon is doing just that.

Re: Basic question but important

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thanks for your understanding and detailed advice.


how long does it take for a campaign to be really understood as matured? We have tried the new ones for 1 week. We did see some conversions happening from the Search based ones. The Display Ads only burned our money which we keep watching.


What method can we choose so that we shift gradually and not completely.


Please advice.


Re: Basic question but important

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Hi Lucid


What happens to my search term report from my previous campaigns, mine are mostly broad match and I can see lots of search terms there. Can I simply take the terms from the old campaigns and add on the new ones?


Please advice,