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Banner Ads Performance Improvements

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Hello Dear Conmmunity Member,  

    Now we are having a test on Google Adwords Display Ads on Mobile. We find that our text ads is better than banner ads.We test text ads and image banner ads in the same campaign,but in different ad groups. All the ads are displayed on iOS phones or iPod.


For example:

Text ads:     CPA $1.5 ,   CTR 1.19% ,    CVR 19.9% ,    Impression  41644

Banner ads : CPA $1.5 ,  CTR 0.10%  ,  CVR 8.60%  , Impression 32822



1. Why the CTR of image banner ad is so low? (actually, the text ads of Google Adwords on mobile is "1.5 click" and image ads is only 1 click, so logically this is counterintuitive,right?)

2. We design a good image banner, why there is a so big difference between text ads and banner ads on CVR? ( We also apply those good-performing text ads descriptions to design banner ads)

3. We believe that banner ads should perform better than text ads, but the result is unsatisfying. Are there big differences between banner ads & text ads? Or are there some skills to do banner ads?


We have also tried many kinds of image banners,including dynamic gif banners, but it is also unsatisfying.



Thank you



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Re: Banner Ads Performance Improvements

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Lingling


Looking at the statistics you have given, you actually have pretty good performance for both ad formats. The trends that you are seeing in terms of CPA, CTR, CVR and Impressions are what we would expect for these ad formats. Typically, we see that the CTR and CVR of display can be lower when compared with search because search is ususally very specifically targeted. That being said, this doesn't mean that your performance is better or worse on either ad format. We can see this because your CPA is the same on both. 


Also, just a quick tip you may want to try expanding your device targeting so that you are not missing out on non iOS traffic. 


Let us know if you still have additional concerns. 

Re: Banner Ads Performance Improvements

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hi Shanea,
We have to display our ads on iOS devices, because we are promoting our iOS apps in App Store. So when potential users click the ads, they will be redirected into the landing page of Apple Store.