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BIG impressions drop

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Hi, I started a search campaign with +300% bid adjustment for mobile.  My main keyword was set to a 15 cent bid and received an average of 155 daily impressions.

After several weeks I increased bid to 30 cents to see if I'd get more impressions.  I received only about 5 more daily impressions but my conversion cost almost doubled.  So after about a week I lowered the bid back to the original 15 cents, but my daily impressions immediately dropped to only about 25 per day!  It's remained that way for weeks now.

Nothing else was changed except for the bid.  This is a low competition keyword, phrase match, gets over 3% CTR and average position of 1.7.

Any ideas why the drastic drop in impressions?  Thinking my campaign got penalized somehow, I tried pausing it and creating a new campaign with the same setup, but the impression count didn't improve.  Adwords support folks haven't been able to explain the reason for the dropoff.  Thanks for any help.

Re: BIG impressions drop

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Hi Dujo,

Few suggestions from my end:

1. Shift from "Automatic to Manual Bidding .Increase your Max CPC bid & try to improve your "Quality Score".

2. Kindly check if your daily budget is enough to grab all the impression for a day. Check "Search Impression. share", "Search Lost IS (rank)", "Search Lost IS (budget)" metrics.

My 2 cents!

Re: BIG impressions drop

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