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Averagre CPC has been raised When I added New Ads!

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Hi Team,


Please help me out to find a solution for below mentioned question.


Recently I have created new Landing pages for my websites and updated the same to my AdWords ads. Since those pages are new Google considered as a new ads and automatically removed the existing one.


But when I analyzing its performance after 3 months, I have found that its Campaign click, impression decreased and increase in Average CPC to $12 from $8.


I have just updated the new landing pages, but that cause to drop all my clicks, impression and conversions for the same cost what I spent before.


Not sure what is the main reason behind this Smiley Sad


1. Because of new ads and removal of old one cause this?

2. Is Google giving any weightage for ad history?

3. How my Average CPC has been increased for new ads?

4. Not sure what was the QS before, but presently it is 7. Is it bad?

5. I haven't changed anything other than ads, so not sure what is the main reason.


Please some one help me to solve this.



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September 2015

Re: Averagre CPC has been raised When I added New Ads!

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Hi Dejeesh,


What happened here is rather simple: every time you change an AdWords ad, it's performance is set to zero, that is, the system treats it as a totally new text ad (even if it has an exact text as before and the only change is the destination URL). If you have been optimizing your previous ads for a long time and they had some good history, of course their CPC's were lowering. Then suddenly you changed the ads (from the system's perspective), so everything was reset and you'll have to "earn" the drop of CPC's with time. 


There might be other reasons, like increased competition for the same keywords which caused some drop in your CTR, then drop in your QS and ultimately increase in CPC. Also, your new landing pages are less relevant to keywords and ad texts than before. QS 7 is not a very bad score. However, you will struggle to get your CPC's back as long as it stays 7. 


My suggestion is - experiment with different landings and text ads. It will take time (as it did before) to reach minimum possible CPC, but it's probably worth the hassle.