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Average CTR

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Hi All,


My area of concern is that if we have two campaigns namely campaign A & campaign B with CTR  5% and  2%. Then what will be their Average CTR and their in other information.

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Re: Average CTR

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Hi @Anil R,


Hopefully you remember some basic math, namely what we call weighted average. To answer your query, their combined average will be the weighted average by impressions. Giving you a numerical example for easier understanding.



  Impr Avg Pos
Campaign A 30 2.0
Campaign B 20 3.0



Their combined Average Position is calculated as follows:


Avg Pos = (2.0*30 + 3.0*20) / (30+20) = 120/50 = 2.4


The result (2.4) is the weighted average of 2.0 and 3.0 where the weights are the counts of impressions, i.e. 30 and 20.