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Av. Position/CTR drop after changing ads landing page

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I looked for a similar issue, but did not find anything and was wondering if someone experiences this.


I've been A/B testing a new landing page that had great results. The initial landing page was simply redirecting to the new landing page half the time. So, after these encouraging lift in CVR, I decided to switch ads to the new landing page and changed the final URL (everything else being the same). Of course, in such case, new ads are created, old deleted, but they ended up from position 1, to 3-4, no clicks whatsoever. I left it for a day or two, even tried increasing bids. QS remains the same.


Now, I doubled the ads, one with the old landing page and left the two running simultaneously. They serve equally, but old landing page goes to 1 position, gets clicks and conversions, still nothing on the new landing page ads, they stay at position 3.


Do you have any suggestions what's the issue? I know new ads will need some time, but I've never experienced such a huge drop. Besides, the landing page was already tested and was definitely the winner. 


Thanks, your support is much appreciated!

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Re: Av. Position/CTR drop after changing ads landing page

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Hi @Ani D, I'm going to take a guess here that your problem is history.


The first Ad will have a history of (good) performance; since the A/B testing was done at the site end, the Ad itself didn't change so the history while testing was maintained.  When you created the new Ad you started from scratch with no history and, for whatever reason, that has resulted in a lower Quality Score, hence lower position, even though the landing page is a winner.


It's worth noting that Quality Score takes no account of conversion rate so it's theoretically possible to have a landing page that converts at a better rate but which has a lower Quality Score.


I'd suspect that if you leave the Ad to run, it'll eventually pick up its "own" Quality Score which may well be similar or better to the original Ad, so all you may need to do is wait a while.  You could experiment with briefly boosting the CPC to get the new Ad in a higher position, and, once it gathers some data you may well be able to reduce the CPC again.



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Re: Av. Position/CTR drop after changing ads landing page

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Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for replying! I had a similar guess, that it's just a matter of time (history), but it still puzzles me why such a difference in position and of course it's worrying that there are 0 clicks on our best converting adgroups.

OK, I suppose I will just have to wait a while and hope it improves. Maybe I'll just run the ad with the old landing page simultaneously for a while, to at least get some conversions. Or you think I should just leave the new landing page for better results (ads rotate evenly)?

Thank you!