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Automatically Re-Enabling Paused Keywords

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I've got a rule that checks for any paused keywords within the past 60 days and re-enables them each month. 


Here is my setup: 



pause keywords.png


 My question is, is this rule correct or is it counter intuitive to set it up this way? If it is the latter, what is a better way to put up this rule? I mean I only set up this rule so that AdWords would unpause any keywords that suddenly started meeting my other criteria for running.


If I set up a rule to "enable keywords" would the correct assumption be that AdWords would only look at all the keywords that were not enabled in the first place? If that is so, then should I have selected "eligible" instead of specifying "keyword paused or removed"? 


Also if I set it to "Keyword paused or removed" but my settings indicate that AdWords should apply this rule to "all but removed campaigns"will there be any conflict? 

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Re: Automatically Re-Enabling Paused Keywords

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Hi @Angeli V I believe the rule should operate as described, the easiest way to check (or any rule) is to use the Preview option when you know there are elements that should be changed, for example, in your case, simply pause a Keyword and preview the rule, and it should show that Keyword being changed to Enabled status.


As to whether it's a good way to work, that's another story.  I'm not sure how Keywords that you've previously paused will suddenly meet your criteria.  If you've paused a Keyword for a reason (poor performance, say), it's really quite unlikely that it will become a good performer.  It's possible, but unlikely and if you're re-enabling Keywords that you know fell short of your performance criteria every 60 days, I'd wager you're doing more harm than any possible good that might come from a Keyword suddenly transforming its performance.


When tuning AdWords from a new Campaign its common to find some of the Keywords you start with don't work; but you trim them out and concentrate on those that do, creating new variations, additional match types, tailoring Ads, making more specific Groups, adjusting landing pages and so on.  I wouldn't concern myself over Keywords that had failed to make the bar.  It's a good idea to have a re-visit every once in a while, but I'd do this manually with a specific "test" Campaign, not automatically.



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Re: Automatically Re-Enabling Paused Keywords

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Hi @Jon_Gritton,

Thanks for the advice!

When I was setting up this rule, the kind of changes I was initially thinking of changes like say improved quality score, increase search volumes, or the like but you're right. I'll keep this in mind Smiley Happy

Re: Automatically Re-Enabling Paused Keywords

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I agree with Jon.I would also merely point out that this rule would activate the keywords every month, not 60 days. Using data from the last 60 days works when setting up data-driven rules, which is not the case here.