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Automatically Lowering Top of Page Bids

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I have set an automated rule to increase my top of page bids daily. My question is... What if the Top of Page bid decreases instead of increasing? I do not know if that would even be possible, because the nature of the market is to always raise the bids, however I would like to know: Is it possible that the Top of Page bid actually decreases in the market? If so, is there a way to create an automated rule indicating Adwords to decrease the Top of page bid accordingly?


Thanks in advance.


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Automatically Lowering Top of Page Bids

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Hi @Carlos C,


That's not frequent but may happen. E.g. if a large player falls out due to bankruptcy. Because under such scenarios you may want to react to market changes in your own unique way, there is no available preset shortcut (or rule) for you to use.




Automatically Lowering Top of Page Bids

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Hi Carlos,


As well as Lakatos' answer, it's also worth noting that no matter what your Max CPC is set at, the most that you'll pay is what's minimally required to hold your ad position.

See here for more info -


Hope this helps,


Automatically Lowering Top of Page Bids

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Hi @Carlos C,


Agreed. There is not automatic way of doing this.


I also agree with you & @Lakatos that first page bids lowering may happen less often, but it is not that rare.

One of the most immediate reasons to see this change, as @Lakatos pointed out would be if a big player stopped advertising.

But everyone optimizes their accounts - if your competitors are not seeing value in having High CPCs that shows their ads on top positions, they may optimize their campaigns and lower their bids.

I perform these tests on my accounts quite often and I see there is a significant amount of difference in the Bid I had set earlier and the final Bid I settle at.

Here's what I do - 

1. Label KWs I wish to test this for.

2. Lower bids every alternate day by very small proportions.

3. Keep a tab on the performance of these KWs in terms of traffic and Avg positions

4. Keep lowering bids till I don't see a negative impact on either one

I would suggest you test out the same in your account. 


If you do want to set rules to do this:

1. Label your KWs.

2. Set a rule on the labled keywords to reduce bid by a small amount (say, $0.02), if position > 1.1 for date range (say - Yesterday)


This will ensure that you keep reducing your bids till you dont hit an avg position of 1.1.


Hope this helps! 


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