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Automatic placements -

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I'm just getting started with the display network and so far I have two campaigns set up. A "discovery" campaign with a few ad groups, all with auto placements based on various keywords/topics/interests, and a managed placement campaign that's targeted exclusively to a couple sites I've found to have high CTR and conversion rates.


I've been monitoring the auto-placements for relevency and high-performers, but I've found kind of a puzzler...."". I'm getting a relatively high CTR for the site, but I can't imagine that it's's an account advertising fairly expensive B2B software in a pretty niche market.


Anyone else have a similar experience? Is there a way to dive a little deeper to get the exact URL of the placement page, possibly in GA?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Automatic placements -

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Never mind on the exact URL issue, I figured it out.
I also found that the bounce rate is 100% - so despite the high CTR they aren't good placements. Can't imagine what is prompting all the clicks though?
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Re: Automatic placements -

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Hi S-Klep,


The position where your ad appears on the plcement website is a very important factor in CTR on display network.


So if your ads are appearing on a place where it is very easy to get visitor attention your ads will get more clicks.


I can see text ads on every page of the site you mentioned, almost blended with site content (another strategy publishing sites adopt to improve CTR).


As the product you want to promote is catering to a very specific audience segment, please do some research to find where your targeted audience will be on the display network, and create a very targeted managed placement campaign to reach them.