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Automated bid increase question

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Hello comunity!

My "problem" sound like this: I'm trying to do affiliate marketing using google adwords. Not big deal because I'm a newbie but seems to be pretty nice.


I found a keyword that I'm bidding on and another person is bidding on that keyword too (we both are using the same link destination) and there is a "war" between us. Every time when I set my CPC higher, my ads are displayed and every time when he set a higher bid, my ads are not displayed.


My question is that: is there any way to let adowrds increase my max bid with 10% for example every time when my ads are not displayed?


Thank you!

Re: Automated bid increase question

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If by "every time when my ads are not displayed" you mean having a situation like "bellow the first page bid" or "bellow top of page bid" , yes you can use a Flexible Bid Strategy to "Target search page location" as described here : link


As a personal observation : bidding wars are counter productive, the ROI decreases until it can become negative ( you end up having not profit ).

Also in this situation you are splitting the Impression Share. This is a metric you should learn about and check it often : link to impression share .


My personal opinion is that your aim should be increasing CTR not bidding :   A way to improve your situation is to create many Ads until some of them receive more clicks than the competitor ( an Ad has a higher CTR) . By receiving more clicks you can get a higher QS for that keyword until you reach a QS of 10/10. Please not that in some situations increasing QS is not possible at all.


What is your current QS ?

Are you using extensions like : sitelinks with descriptions, call extensions, location extensions ?