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Automate - Pausing Wrong Keywords???

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I am having trouble setting up automate trigger on keywords.


The rule is cost/conversion (many per click) > $16.00 (Last 7 days)


keyword1: cost/conversion (many per click) = $19.00     Spent $19.00 - 1 conversions

keyword2: cost/conversion (many per click) = $0            Spent $3 - 0 conversions

keyword3: cost/conversion (many per click) = $0            Spent $8 - 0 conversions


For some reason the rule is pausing keyword 1 but also pausing the other keywords? They are nowhere near $16.00 I don't know what the hell is going on.

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Re: Automate - Pausing Wrong Keywords???

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There is some minor issue with the accuracy of the question.


    cost/conversion (many per click) > $16.00 (Last 7 days)


You are saying the above is the rule though it seems to be a precondition. A rule stipulates - among others - what action should be taken to what, under what conditions. So what should be happening under the above condition? The keyword should be paused?

Re: Automate - Pausing Wrong Keywords???

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Hi pinpointseo,


That seems a bit odd, but I'm pretty sure 3/0 is greater than $16. Maybe you need to add a condition to cover the 0 conversions. Their example sets a minimum number of conversions along with the AVG CPC. That was my thought also.


This would allow keywords with no conversions to continue to accrue costs even though they don't convert. You may want a different rule for that. What's the threshold for cutting of a keyword with no conversions? Create the rule with that number.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Automate - Pausing Wrong Keywords???

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Can you let us know how you get on? I think it's a very interesting problem, with accurate solutions provided by the guys.


I personally don't use any of the automated rules as I prefer to have old school manual control.

Jack Porter-Smith
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