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Automate - Enable Ads for Holiday Season

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First post on here.


I've just setup some Ads for the holiday season and labelled them appropriately (e.g. 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday'). 


I then setup rules to enable them to run and end on those days. 


I can see they are set up under Bulk Operations >> Automated Rules, but my questions is will it pause my other ads for the day and just show the Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads? 


Or will it show my current ads and also enable the holiday ones? 






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Re: Automate - Enable Ads for Holiday Season

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Hi Darrell,

Seeing as you set up rules to enable them at the correct time and nothing else, all that will happen is that those ads will be enabled as you specified and no other ads will be changed.

If you want your others ads to pause you will have to set up rules for them to turn off at the same time as the others turn on.

Hope this helps

Re: Automate - Enable Ads for Holiday Season

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Hello Darell

Welcome to Adwords.

Just to add to Clyntons answer, lets say you have several promotional ads containing the phrase "Cyber Monday" and you want to run them on a specific day. First, create these ads in advance and keep them paused. Then create two one-time rules: the first to enable these ads at the start of Cyber Monday (for example, December 1st.) and the second to pause the ads at the end of the day (Dec 1st).

These rules are applied to the specific campaigns only and wont affect the others in your account unless you have indeed set up rules for them also.

Please see Common ways to use automated rules

All the best wishes


Re: Automate - Enable Ads for Holiday Season

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Hi Darrell, further to the replies you've already received, although it's possible to set up Automated Rules using "selected" Ads, when writing Rules to affect only a specific set of Ads, Keywords or Campaigns, I prefer to use Labels for these elements, then use a Rule that affects all Enabled (Campaigns/Keywords, etc.) and an additional condition that they are labelled with the Label I'm using.

So, for example, I might create a Label called "Black Friday" and apply it to all my Ads I'm using for Black Friday.  Then I'll create a Rule for All Enabled Ads, and add a condition for Labels as "Contains any/all" and select the Black Friday Label.  When the Rule runs, it will only affect those Ads labelled in this way.


This method is preferable to using a "selected" Rule because it allows you to add and remove elements from the affected set without changing/recreating the Rule.  If you wanted to create an additional Black Friday Ad, all you have to do is create it and Label it and nothing else, the Script will automatically affect it.


Using Labels with Rules (and Scripts) is a good way to control which elements are affected.



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