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Auction insights report / Impression Share

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About auction insights report, considering my search campaign, I've got an impression share of 77,03%. Is it ok? Data about last 30 days. What is the value I should target? About ad groups in that campaign the highest has 100% and the lowest has 50,97%. Thanks for any answer

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October 2016

Re: Auction insights report / Impression Share

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Hey Micro,

In general 77% is a fair percentage to achieve. That being said please take note of the following:
#1 - Look at the difference in Impression Share between Search Impression Share and EXACT Search Impression share.
#2 - Every industry, niche is different depending on the competitive nature of said industry.
#3 - I don't know how you've structured your Ad Groups so again it depends on the difficulty of the keywords you've decided to target. A good indication of the competitiveness of the keywords are (a) the actual CPC cost and (b) try going into keyword planner and looking at the difficulty level set by Google.

Hope this helps!
- Josh
Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: Auction insights report / Impression Share

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 Hey Micro, how are things?


I'd like to support Joshua here, specially on the first item "#1 - Look at the difference in Impression Share between Search Impression Share and EXACT Search Impression share"


If you're going to evaluate Impression Share, ALWAYS compare those two. Analyzing individual Impression Share can be misleading and it can often cause you problems.


Important thinks to know about:


Impression Share: it will consider your keywords with match types as they are, meaning that if you have the word "buy car" in Broad Match, but you have traffic coming from "car accident" (that will be triggered by the word "car" in case you don't have negative keywords), that "car accident" traffic will be considered in your Impressions Share, and that's bad.

Impression Share (Exact Search): It will provide an Impression share considering your keywords as if all of them were in Exact Match Type, so that's the closest as possible of what would be the "ideal" scenario for your campaign.


Usually, a well structured/optimized campaign will have those two numbers very close. 


If you notice a huge gap between them, specially when Impression Share is very below the Exact One, then there's definitely some room for optimization. You will then want to analyse your Search Terms Report to check for keywords to include as negative and also variations to buy. Don't forget to optimize your match types also.


Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Auction insights report / Impression Share

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77% impression share is great! If, those impressions are leading to conversions and sales. 100% of nothing is still nothing. Smiley Happy Do you have a conversion strategy in place?