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Attaching location to keywords

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When a Google user conducts a search of a topic and wishes to see results relevant to their geographical location, how important is it that the user manually include the city name, etc., in the search? Does Google automatically generate search results relevant to the user's location? I guess I'm trying to figure out whether I should attach a geographical location at the end of all my keywords to make sure I'm found by local users, i.e. "Landscaping" vs. "Landscaping New York CIty." Thank you.

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Re: Attaching location to keywords

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Good morning.


AdWords uses a number of cues to try to identify searcher location and serve them 'local' ads, and the system improves all the time.


At the same time, since the system isn't able to identify all searcher locations, and because some searchers do use location-identifier keywords in their search phrases, it's a good idea to test both types of keywords in your campaign.


You should eventually have enough data to know if you want to keep serving both kinds of keywords or focus on just one kind. For what it's worth, I usually use both in client accounts.


My $0.02.

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Re: Attaching location to keywords

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Google usually generate search results relevant to user location which was identified by his physical IP address, so if your targeting a particular are your ads will appear to local user if you are adding geographical location or not.

If you attach a location with your keyword then other people in other locations will also be able to see your ad if the location name entered in there search term.

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