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At witts end with google

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Hi Guys, My name is Ken a Photographer who used to work in Northern Ireland. My business is going down the tubes because no one can see my add on google. I pay £90 every month to google for them to show my add. One reason I do this is because I dont know anything about SEO so I prefer to pay a fee for advertising. I have been onto google and they got back to me with recommendations. It was gobbiltygook to me. I am frustrated to the point of stoping my payments on google and perhaps spending  my £1100 a year on magazine adds. I have checked for the last three days and cannot  find my website on any kind of a search. Can someone help please.

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Re: At witts end with google

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Hi Ken, welcome to the Community.


If you don't know what's happening or where or how your £90 a month is being spent then I'd wholeheartedly agree, you should stop paying it immediately.  However, this doesn't mean you should stop spending money on AdWords Ads, it just means you should perhaps approach it in a different way and get some help doing it.


Can you answer some questions?


Do you know if this is AdWords or AdWords Express?

You say you've been on to Google, was this through their official support channels or are you using a third-party agency?

What Keywords would you expect your business to appear for?  Where are you based?



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Re: At witts end with google

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Hi Jon,
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have an AdWords account. Yes I was on with their adwords help myself. The keywords I believe people here who need to check out wedding photographers would be ( wedding photographers northern Ireland, or photographers Belfast, stuff like this.) I am based in Northern Ireland.
I think there must have been some changes in the way google operate their adwords, because I had great success with them in previous years, plenty of coverage and I was paying less in fact 3-4 years ago, but somewhere along the line I've missed something and now it would seem I'm lost in the wilderness of page 8,9, or 10. If you can help with this stuff it would be greatly appreciated. Regards Ken

Re: At witts end with google

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Hi Ken, well, AdWords has changed enormously in the past 4 years; for that matter it's changed quite a lot in the last 4 months!  AdWords really isn't a static beast and any consultant or full-time advertiser will tell you that you're almost constantly making changes as the market alters.


Although I don't usually go directly to this option, given your time and resources, you may well find it cost effective to hire a professional to set the Account up for you and perhaps do an hours' maintenance a month.  The cost of such time could quite possibly be recovered by income generated from a well structured Account or, if the consultant is honest, they may advise that AdWords is not going to be cost effective and you can save that £90 a month.


If you do decide to hire someone, I would suggest that you choose carefully and possibly ask for opinions here.  There are a lot of companies out there offering management services and while most are fine, honourable and professional, there are just as many who appear to find the quickest way to take money from the unwary.



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Re: At witts end with google

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Hello Ken,

Maybe this is an idea,

I do not know if you like to write. But maybe writing a blog could help for SEO.
Maybe writing :
-about your profession
-or about funny or nice things that happen when you are working

The google algorithm can understand words. But if you do not have (many) words on your website, than it is very difficult to rank on the Google pages.

Blogs are very efficient. You can write an article when you have time. Every article is a entrance for google, a separate page that can be found on the search result pages.

You can do some simple SEO on a blog :
-Make your own content, do not copy
-If you put pictures on a blog, give the picture a meaningful name
-Work with headings above text parts.
-Put important keyword(s) in your heading
-Take a domain name with topleveldomain of your contry, as I understand this well this is .ie

So Google understand for witch country and which keywords are important.

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.