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Assigning Campaigns to Portfolios when autobidding

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Hi there,


I have a question regarding how to split campaigns among portfolios when using a bidding optimization API such as Efficient Frontier (now Adobe), Marin, etc.


In the past I have worked in pure players who used this software attributing products to a portfolio depending on their ROI. Cash-cows in portfolio A, dogs in B, stars in C, etc.


However, now I work with campaigns which have Exact, Phrase and also Broad match types. To simplify the problem I will just speak about Brand kwds campaigns: I guess the best is to split brand campaigns according to their match type. This would be to avoid that even if I have included the negative exact and phrase in the broad campaigns/adgroups, it could happen that the software bids more in the Broad campaign if I put them all in the same portfolio, thus brand keywords would become more expensive. 


Could anyone help me and confirm or deny wether this would be a good practise regarding how to split brand campaigns using an automatic bidding tool?


Many thanks and have a good day,


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Re: Assigning Campaigns to Portfolios when autobidding

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Ferran R,


This is an interesting question! I haven't used API bidding tools before, but I do know that the AdWords Support Team don't always recommend splitting out campaigns or ad groups based solely on keyword match type.  However, your case might be an exception based on the software you are using. 


Any advice from the Community? Has anyone ever come across this situation before?