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#AskAdWords - Improve your Impression Share

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HI ,


          I am running PLA  since couple of months. Suddnely I lost search impression and click. I used to get 400 clicks in a day but now I am  getting only 90-100 click in a day. Can some one help me on this. How can i improve this.




Gopal Verma

Re: #AskAdWords - Improve your Impression Share

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner


PLA as in product listing ads.

Google shopping made some significant changes at the end of last quarter, I assume you are up to speed in all of those.

Issue could be:

1) Competition. New players entering the market place

2) How is your bid structure? Do you need to increase some product bids?

3) Are you using negative keywords? You can add negative to Google Shopping Campaigns, just like Search Campaigns

4) Have you updated your feeds lately? How does everything look from the Merchant center side?

5) Are you bidding and splitting out products into SKU ID, or just using broader categories? Should you look at restructuring your categories

6) What does your Benchmark CTR Look like?


More details here:


Hope that helps.