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Are low CTR text Ads taking impressions away from high CTR image Ads?

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I am running a display campaign and my image Ads were just approved. The text Ads have been running already for several days.


I have noticed that on the display network text Ads are getting by far the lion share of the impressions despite the fact that the image Ads have a much higher CTR. Is Google supposed to adjust this overtime? I thought that Google was supposed to display more often Ads that have a higher CTR.


If Google adjusts this overtime, should I stop running the low CTR text Ads to speed up the process?

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Re: Are low CTR text Ads taking impressions away from high CTR image A

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No, it doesn't works that way. Many content placements may opted for text ads and thats the reason you get more text ad impression.

Re: Are low CTR text Ads taking impressions away from high CTR image A

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Hi joe_ba, Google will optimise the Display of your Ads if you've chosen an optimisation setting in your Campaign settings but it's not as simple as just showing the Ad(s) with the highest CTR (and yes, it will get better if your new Ads are very new).


I'm guessing you've set the Ads to "optimise for clicks" and if you've done this then CTR is certainly a factor but CTR is a rate and is based upon the percentage of clicks from impressions.  If Google is trying to get you as many clicks as possible, the Ads with the highest CTR aren't necessarily the best ones to choose when you're looking at text and image Ads.


For a start, not all websites allow or have options for image Ads or have limited options for sizes, etc. so text Ads can appear in more places than image Ads.  Secondly, image Ads require an entire AdSense block, whereas text Ads can appear on their own within a block of other Ads. In short, text Ads will always tend to have a greater number of impressions than Image Ads.  So, if we pick some random figures:


Text Ad:  1000 impressions, 8% CTR = 80 clicks

Image Ad:  750 impressions, 10% CTR = 75 clicks


So if you've got text Ads and Image Ads mixed in an Ad Group, although the image Ads may have a higher CTR, they may produce fewer clicks because of a lower impression rate.


Does this help?



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Re: Are low CTR text Ads taking impressions away from high CTR image A

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The fact that your text ads on Display Network are getting more statistics compared to image ads is because text ads occupy lesser space compared to image ads and during the auction process, chances are that text ads tend to win the auction and display more often. I suppose this is happening in your case.


Image ads on other hand are bigger in size and tend to occupy more space and therefore they are sometimes more costlier compared to regular text ads.


In my opinion, you need to first identify which particular domains are best suited for image ads and then you should be creating a separate Image ads campaign targeting those specific placements where you should also take care of color combination which matches with those particular domains.


You can also refer to this help center article for more details:


My thoughts!