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Are Hyphens Recognized in "Phrase" and [Exact] Keywords?

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I know that hyphens are considered spaces in broad-match (modified) keywords, but what about "phrase" and [exact] keywords?


Yes, I have read Google's documentation on not recognizing hyphens, but I have also heard people say that they are in fact recognized in "phrase" and [exact] keywords.


Can anyone clarify with certainty?


Would there be any difference between [abc-123] and [abc 123]?



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Re: Are Hyphens Recognized in "Phrase" and [Exact] Keywords?

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Hi Bobby,

AdWords System Ignores the Hyphen (-) and dots (.) from the keywords in all match types.
If you run the keywords with dots and hyphens, then you will see the search terms, then you can easily find out that Google REMOVES hyphen and dots.

So there is no difference between [abc-123] and [abc 123] for Google, but its matter for you which works better and have better quality score.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Are Hyphens Recognized in "Phrase" and [Exact] Keywords?

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Thank you for your reply.

1. If Google ignores it, can you confirm that they see hyphens and periods as spaces?

2. If Google sees them as the same keyword, assuming everything else is equal, why would one have better quality score over the other?