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Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Can somebody share a Landing page URL he built with an ABOVE average landing page experience score and let us know the keyword attached who got this score and if he knows it what are the processes behind to get such score 



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Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Hi there;

I have seen... Having said that, this is a machine analysis  of landing page  quality / User experience, and thus not perfect...

I would focus on the QS other metrics, especially the CTR. 

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Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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hi thanks 

but do you have an example online now ? 
why focus on CTR than you mainly cannot control and cost you money versus something you can control ?
what I understand it that each 3 metrics for the QS counts for the same right ? 
For ad relevance it is easy to get above average, 
landing page is more difficult it is why I want to see an example of success 
CTR ? I abandon now to try to understand this complete non sense matrix , hundreds of examples of non sense
get 80-100 % CTR on 11 keywords ( yes you read right 80 to 100 % ) and still below average so anyway my topics here is the landing page experience 

Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Hi Stephane,


Keep in mind that Quality Score is relative to others in your niche / using the same keywords. So if everyone bidding on "widgets from outer space" has an incredible landing page, and you just have a very good landing page, you might get a low score.


There is wealth of information online about what works in landing pages, and you should look into the general information as it will apply to AdWords as well.


The biggie is keep them on the page, get them to go to other pages on your site, get them to convert - anything but hitting the back button.


Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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This is not the case with one landing page than we did actually I am quite sure our landing page is by far better than the competitors (but I think we are not good at something, something missing in our method and the competitors anyway don't have landing pages for this particular keyword than we use) so it is not a question of competition for our average score. 


We  take each metric of QS very seriously 

For landing page experience , for each particular thing than we done on each landing page we write why , how,  etc, this is a method , this is a process not talks 

We try to do the best landing pages, for lot of them we got average but NEVER above average on this metric at the moment, so I just want to know if somebody in this community have ABOVE AVERAGE landing pages to show ? cause every called expert can talk and give advices but where is the proof ? we use tools like unbounce or direct Html to create landing pages , I think we miss something , perhaps mobile optimisation with different landing pages etc but we want to see examples, I didn't find any on google where are the examples ? 


So I would like to check again ANYONE who can show a landing page with ABOVE AVERAGE score ?

please share 


Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Hi @Stephane G

Thanks for sharing your issues.


Let me share my real experience..

We had a landing page and we have had all the possible keywords in the content which were targeted with Google AdWords, Still some of the keywords were showing that low landing page experience..

Then We discussed with Google Support Team and they suggested to Improve the Navigation of the website and have good call to action buttons..

Then after those changes, We found success and all the keywords are having above average landing page user experience..

I have learned that, Keywords stuffing is not only the Important thing, We should also give users, easiness while surfing the webpages.

Hope it will help, Thank you and all the best

Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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thanks neeraj 


when you said good call to actions what it means ? a big one , with keyword inside link to your ads copy ? 

you have an example ? 

Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Dear, Call To Actions in the Landing page like contact now, order now etc, Please search the type and good examples of Call To Actions on Google, you will get goodies, and So that you can get your users converted on the website and you will get leads/Inquiries/orders Smiley Happy

Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Hi stephane g,


I have one you can look at.

QS 7/10

Keyword: "nasa astronauts"

Landing Page:


I really don't think looking at the page will reveal anything helpful.


If your pages are not optimized for mobile devices, that would be a big reason for a low score. Make sure your pages either encompass a responsive design or you provide a different URL for mobile devices.


Run your landing pages through the mobile-friendly analyzer and see what it says:


You can also use PageSpeed test:


Low scores on either of these tests should be fixed as soon as you can. I did find that when my page speed scores are 85/100 or higher, I get a better score for page relevance. That said, I have a number of keywords pointing to the same landing page and not all have "above average" scores.


PageSpeed mobile score for my landing page is 74/100, which is admittedly low, but the User Experience rating for mobile is 99/100. For desktop, the score is 86/100. While could be better, that's still a good score. Analyze your landing pages and see what you get.


Best of Luck!




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Anybody who can show an "above average landing page experience" ?

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Hi Pete


I re created landing pages 

I put little more bid 

I wait (I think first criteria, 2 days) 


My page is 100/100 score user experience on mobile 

speed 82/100 


I got now 10/10 QS for one keyword and landing page than I created , the others are 5 to 7 QS