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Any Way to Stop Showing Ads to People Who already Clicked on Ads

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Any idea how to stop showing my ads to people who has already clicked?


The reason behind it is, that we are the first in the search results anyways and who does not remember our name search for the brand name because it is in our website name aswell.

So the brand name is haldorado and our webstore is we do not want people who has already clicked to click again on the ad and waste money that way.

Anyways to prevent that?

Thank you


p.s. please do not try to educate me that it is not a waste of money etc etc...i would just need a solution for not showing the ads to people who has already clicked it..thanks

Re: Any Way to Stop Showing Ads to People Who already Clicked on Ads

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Hello to Slovakia,

I believe you can do this somehow. You can try RLSA. Go to tab Audiences in your search campaigns. Add targeting -> add remarketing list called: All website visitors.

Setting: Bid Only

After it is added, go and modify your bid and decrease it to -100%.

That should help.

If you do not see that remarketing list and need assistance in creating one, let me know.


Re: Any Way to Stop Showing Ads to People Who already Clicked on Ads

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Hi Rybarske P,

as Alex told you, you can exclude all people from your remarketing list 'All web site visitors'. For that you need to have a remarketing list.
But, to be able to use remarketing list with search ads, you need to have at least 1000 members.
Before remarketing lists, i used a simple geotargeting / excluding model. I just had a list of cities and advertised only to one city and excluded all the other for a while, depending on the size of the city and budget. So for eg. the ad would show for 3 days in Moravice and then the next city was included, but Moravice was excluded. Until I covered the whole country.