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Analyse competitors ROI

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I am given an exercise to analyse ROI of one of our competitor in SEM.


As a relatively new to SEM, please guide me.


If t was our website then i think we can measure it our own analytics account.


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Re: Analyse competitors ROI

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Hi Prashanth,

I don't think it's possible anyway to analyse/calculate the ROI of the competitor.
Though you can track some other metrics and data but not the ROI.
There are a lot of factors which are included to calculate ROI and you will never track all those factors.

example: (assume your competitor wants admission to a course)
You can not track the actual sale of your competitor.
Suppose, someone fill up the form on the landing page and it was the goal of your competitor through adwords. So you can say a conversion was tracked. But still your competitor has not sold the service i.e someone really had admission. And if the service is not sold then how can you calculate the ROI.

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Re: Analyse competitors ROI

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Hi Prasanth
While there are tools that you can use to gauge what your competitors are doing, they are by no means conclusive and should almost always be used as reference points only. Moreover, no tool can give you the insider information of how much revenue they are generating or spending thereof, unless you have access to their analytics or any other 3rd party tool.

In case you have your ads running in Adwords, auction insights might give you some indication of how you are doing vis-a-vis your competitors. More details here

Hope this helps