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All quality scores of my keywords are 1. Can anyone tell me what should I fix?

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I am new in Adwords, and it has been 3 days since all of my keywords has Quality Score 1.


All of my keywords are exact match and phrase match. Example: "yeast infection treatment" and [yeast infection treatment]


Is it because I use exact and phrase match?


Some of my keywords:

[yeast infection treatment]
[how to treat a yeast infection]
[how to treat yeast infection]
[yeast infection natural treatment]
[natural yeast infection treatment]
"yeast infection treatment"
"how to treat a yeast infection"
"how to treat yeast infection"
"yeast infection natural treatment"
"natural yeast infection treatment"


Or is it because of the quality of my landing page?

My landing page:



Thank you in advance,


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Re: All quality scores of my keywords are 1. Can anyone tell me what should I fix?

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Hi Alaina,


Quality Score is indeed one of the main metric of Adwords. And it's a big concern when you have a QS of 1.


Initally QS is assigned based on the account history and how it has been used on See Tanmay's (Google Employee) excellent post on Quality score here. I am sure It will clear up some or most of your doubts Smiley Happy


Few things I would like to ask you are:


What is the current CTR of your keywords? 

Are you only getting lot of impressions on your keywords with very few clicks?

Did you see the Search Terms report and analyze what kind of actual queries users are putting in to find your ads and click on it?


If current CTR is low, you will have to work around your campaigns to improve it. Optimize the campaigns by selecting the best performing keywords and eliminating the bad performing ones.


Is it because I use exact and phrase match?


No, simply not. It's actually good that you want only relevant users to reach your website.

But another important factor is to actually filter the specific keywords relevant to your business. And for that if you use the Broad match keywords also, it shouldn't be much harmful. It's just that you need to take care of your CTR and relevant queries. Use negative keywords to filter the irrelevant traffic.


Landing page quality is very important in deciding the relevancy and whether the user experience will be good or bad is really important for Google. I took a little glance at the link you referred here. It seems that you are promoting a blog in your Adwords campaign.


Please note that a good landing page is one which is specific to the user query. When somebody is searching on Google, it should be in synchronisation with your destination URL. Unique content, good call to actions, transparency etc... are few important ingredints of a good landing page. You can refer to here for more details.


Start working on these things Alaina and success will be yours. You are most welcome to ask any queries related to Adwords and Community will be glad to answer them.


Happy Reading!


Re: Low QS - poor quality content ?

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Are ALL of your QS in the range 1-2, or 3 ?

  1. If this is the case, it might be that Google's crawlers "found", in the past, this domain to include low quality content, and categorized it as a poor quality site. If that happened, No matter how much efforts you put to improve your QS - it would not make a change. The only solution would be to change your domain name.
  2. Have your purchased this domain name from a previous owner ?
  3. Do you have other campaigns, on your account, with low QS?



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Re: Low QS - poor quality content ?

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Hello, Alaina.


I believe the answer lies here:


This long URL gives you 74 results for the phrase search "There are several common symptoms of a yeast infection. Treating it is possible".


That's a breach of this policy:


Advertising a website with content found in several places around the internet usually leads to that (very low quality scores) and sometimes even suspended accounts, if I remember correctly.


Apart from that, you're sending visitors to another website, where they can solve their problem by buying a certain product.


That's making your website a bridge, and you're violating this policy:


I know it's not the answer you were looking for, but this whole "business model" does not work with AdWords. Putting together a blog with content scraped from other websites and then an (affiliate) link to a website selling something is not the way to go. Not when AdWords is involved.


If you want to sell that product, create your own website, fill it with original content, get reviews on your own website, set up a payment gateway, and sell it yourself, directly.

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Re: All quality scores of my keywords are 1. Can anyone tell me what should I fix?

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