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Agroups by Matching, Conflic matching.

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I have adgroups by theme and matching type.




Adgroup1: [blue widgets]

Adgroup2: "blue widgets"


I have this structure in order to have a better control with ads and bids, but I'm experimenting the following problem; in the phrase matching keyword, if I check the status I got the following warning:


This keyword is triggering other ads with a similar keyword: [blue widgets]
Campaign > Ad Group 1


The phrase matching keyword is getting clicks and IMP, btw, I don't know if I'm limiting the IMP, or something is wrong in my structure.


As well, my second question:


Why ads with better CTR sometimes have a higher CPC? Which ads trigger Adwords  The ones with more CTR or the ones with low CPC?


Thank you.

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Re: Agroups by Matching, Conflic matching.

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1) For users who search the exact phrase you lose impressions for the "phrase match" because the ads in the "exact phrase" group will be displayed. Please not that you don't have to add exact matches for genders because exact match includes close variations, as described here


2) Ads with higher AD RANK are triggered more often, AdRank = Max. CPC x Quality Score , 


Why ads with better CTR sometimes have a higher CPC? ... By ads you mean keywords because ads don't have CPC. Do the keywords that you compare have the same QS ?



Which ads trigger AdWords  The ones with more CTR or the ones with low CPC? You have to test what your audience is attracted to better, if you leave AdWords to decide what ads to display most often, it will chose the ones with higher CTR.


Please read the following help section as it teaches you all the details


Re: Agroups by Matching, Conflic matching.

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Thank you Adrian B.

So, my pharse matching is displaying ads but is losing IMP with the exact match keyword. Is this usual? What you suggest in this case?

Re: Agroups by Matching, Conflic matching.

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It is not a loss, it is a transfer and it is in your advantage because you can bid lower on exact matches.


Simply if you have 1000 searches from which 60 are exact , they all match your "phrase match" and if you didn't have an exact match keywords you will have 100 imp on the "phrase match" , but as you also have exact match the 60 imp will be transfered to the exact match keyword and 940 will "match" the "phrase match"


Some people prefer a strategy of creating ad groups for the exact matching keywords because they are cheaper.


I suggest reading these threads which have solutions already decided and contain entertaining and useful debates :

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Re: Agroups by Matching, Conflic matching.

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Hi David M,


It's really just a peculiarity of the system. The UI is not able to test variations on broad, BMM, or phrase match keywords. It is telling that your keywords are functioning as they should. If your keyword is blue widgets in both phrase and exact match, and the query is blue widgets, the exact match should get the impression, and that's what the UI is telling you.


Use the ad preview and diagnostic tool and enter the query "pretty blue widgets".. You will see the phrase match keyword is triggered. Now enter the query "blue widgets". The exact match keyword will be triggered. That's what you asked the system to do.


Best of Luck!




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