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Adwords trolling??

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Does anyone know if there is a way to track how many clicks you are getting from the same IP address? I started a campaign two months ago and have now paid about $100 with zero calls. Yes, zero. I am a massage therapist so it is easy for me to know how my clients find me. Is there a way that I or Google itself can look at the data to see if there are certain IP addresses that are continuously clicking on my ads? I feel like I am being run out by the competition. All they have to do is keep clicking on my ads until I get tired of paying money for zero results.

Re: Adwords trolling??

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

AdWords has it's own system that does a pretty good job of filtering out Invalid clicks as well as crediting back invalid clicks after the fact through the billing interface.

With that being said, Adwords also allows you to enter your own IP exclusions, which you would find through your own server logs via the hosting account for your website.

Things you need to consider if your own efforts to ensure you are trageting the right customer base, as well as excluding areas that may give you clicks and impressions from Geo targeted area's in which you don't service.

1) Start looking at your Search Query Reports, either in Analytics or in Adwords.

Look for terms to add to your negative keyword list so you don't pay for clicks for things you don't offer. Ie Massage table for example might show up in your search query terms, and you would want to add table, tables etc to your negative keyword lists.

2) Look at your Dimensions Tab and navigate to User location and Geo targeted locations, Are you getting impressions and clicks from outside your service area? if so you need to exclude those areas in your targeting, Same way you include and area, you remove or exclude areas

3) Does your Ad offer a Unique Selling proposition? Does your landing page have a good call to action. Is it mobile friendly, do you clearing show your pricing, times available and make it easy for a user to contact you with out searching for your number? What sets you apart from your competition? Is that easily seen in your ads and your website landing page?

4) Are you using all the account Ad Extensions? Phone, Location, Call outs, Sitelinks that are available to you?

5) Do you have tight ad groups in which the Keywords match the ad Copy? Are your Quality scores at least 6/10 minimum? Are you trying to run both Search and Display instead of Search only or is this an Adwords Express account?

I think you need to learn the basics and create a set-up that can lead to success.

The parts of a successful campaign are:

1) Good Designed Websites that are also fast loading and mobile friendly, with strong calls to action for a Product or Service that has a Unique Selling proposition that beats the competition that clearly states all the relative information a user would need to know to make an informed buying decision.

2) A property Set up Adwords account that targets and excludes the proper geo areas, schedules it ads to the best times a customer would search for there service, have strong keywords utilizing the best match types and an exhaustive negative keyword list to exclude bad searches. Along with good ads that display the USP that are matched to the keyword terms and utilize all available ad extensions. Combined with Bids and Budgets that keep the average position for search in the 2.5 or lower and 2.0 or lower for mobile.

3) TEST TEST TEST, review your data daily, make tweaks and changes based upon results. use 3-4 ads per ad group, after 1000 impressions or 10K impressions declare the true winner and losers, Dump any Losers. Check keywords those with low quality score make improvements or Dump. Consistently work your account and make data driven decisions based upon a ROI scenario.

If you don't have the time or willing to learn, you may want to seek a qualified adwords Google Partner professional in your area.