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Adwords real time data fetching

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I'm working on an application which is tracking calls and calls conversions on the websites of our clients. We also track the visits, referral data, etc. Some of these clients are using Adwords. This means that the calls are offline conversions for adwords campaigns.
What I'm interested in is how to connect the data from adwords with the calls that are made offline. And this in real time or as close as possible to real time.
At the moment we use adwords api to download the campaigns, ad groups and keywords - these are mostly real time data. However matching the keyword to a call is difficult since I do it via the search term which is more than 1 day delay and not 100% precise (matching the search term report in adwords and the search terms from referral info).
Can you suggest better solutions?
I'm thinking of 2, not sure if I'm on the right way or not:
1) to use value tracking feature by modifying the clients ads to obtain the keyword/match type/ad group so I could match that to the adwords data I receive via api.
Not really a direct way but I think it's promising.
However this means updating all ads of the clients, not sure if this means losing the existing stats; also not sure if there is an automatic way to do that so the clients does not need to make it automatically for all their ads (maybe can be done via scripts or via api?).
2) I also have the gclid parameter - just working to push the offline (call) conversions to adwords via api. Not sure if there is a way to get back the conversions from adwords? Also this is not getting close to a real time solution since pushing the conversion means a 3 hrs delay.

All of your recommendations will be very welcomed.


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Re: Adwords real time data fetching

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Good morning.


The fundamental problem here is that the data posted to AdWords is not "real time" and there is no way to get data faster than AdWords gets it. Ads are managed by servers all over the world--servers that periodically submit data that has to be checked before it can be posted to the AdWords UI. This is what causes the delay--it's not really something you can affect?


I'm not sure how "real" any 3rd party "real time" can be?

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Re: Adwords real time data fetching

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@Theresa_Zook is right. There's no real time data from AdWords.

What you're looking to do cannot be done with the AdWords API either. It CAN however be done using the Google Analytics API and Google UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS.

Have a look here:

You're going to have to use the measurement protocol (It's awesome). It's a simple HTTP GET or POST request containing the data you want to link/match up offline.