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Adwords ads appearing at the bottom of the page

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Since last week, ads have started to appear very differently in Google.

There used to be a lot of competition (3 ads on the top of the page).


Now for 90% of the keywords, it seems that there are much fewer competitors and even I am the only one on the page.


So I guess that's good. HOWEVER, I now appear at the very bottom of the page.

It hurts my CTR because nobody would ever click on the last link of the Google page.


I tried to raise (double) my bids.  I tried to change the bid strategy (top of page). But nothing seems to work.


P.S. I have a pest control company in France. I will not state the city where I live to avoid people from all over the world checking my problem and clicking on my links...


What can I do to see my ads appear again on top of the page? I could pay more but I do not want to see them at the bottom anymore...

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Re: Adwords ads appearing at the bottom of the page

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Bottom of the page ads is usually due to  a low ad-rank;
I would first look at the QSs of your keywords,  and try to improve those by using more relevant keywords (and)  tightly themed to the service you provide, and to the landing page.

Are you using broad match keywords?  I am not a great fan of broad match KWs, since those   could match search queries (and trigger impressions) for many irrelevant queries. I would remove them and focus on exact match and modified broad match.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Adwords ads appearing at the bottom of the page

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Hello Benoit R,


Besides the very good advice that you already received I would assist here with this link explaining that bottom links are considered side Ads :


When bottom ads appear , there will be no ads on the right hand side.