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Adwords Optimisation for Two different Conversion Types in One Account?

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Right now, I am having landing page for Sign - Up Activity, and tracking conversion for Sign- Up in adwords. But  now the business I am working for has decided to change the conversion tracking in adwords to the Purchase of Products (from signup) while keeping the landing page same ( Signup), as I have seen our business's own admin there is a huge difference in performance of Adwords between Signup through adwords & Purchase through adwords ( with in the current setup), the data in our adming is overall performance data and not to the keyword level.


 Please someone help me out on the following points -

1. Is it possible to optimise keyword in one adgroup for Sign-up & purchase at the same time?

2. If yes how can it be done?

3. If not why it can be done?

4. Will adwords weboptimizer work efficiently, with this kind of setting ( When Conversion Tracking is for  Purchase & landing page is for Signup)?



Your time and support are highly appreciated. Thanks



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Re: Adwords Optimisation for Two different Conversion Types in One Account?

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In my opinion, signing up for anything, and purchasing something are two different actions, and therefore ads, keywords and landing pages should be very specific, otherwise the potential customer may be confused.


On the other hand, if you're still advertising the sign-up, and want to see how many visitors purchase something after clicking your ad, you can track those conversions, but I see them as secondary, not main conversions. In a way, you should be happy if you're getting them, but not really counting on them when it's the sign-up that you're chasing.


As for the conversion optimizer, it is conversion name/purpose-indifferent. A conversion is a conversion.


[Later edit]: It happens to me with E-commerce sales. Sometimes people search for something, and convert by buying a 40 EUR item, though I've advertised a 200 EUR one. I'm happy to pay 20 EUR for a conversion of the latter, but no more than 4 EUR for the former. If I'd use the conversion optimizer, it would happily record a conversion for a cost under 20 EUR. Not quite sufficient. It's always tricky when either conversions are different, or when conversion values and margins are VERY different.


If I had to assume, I'd say that if you change the conversions from an easier to a more difficult one - if the optimizer still  works (I have never changed conversions while running campaigns on CPA) - it will be more risk-friendly, because it has past data which showed conversions were easier to achieve under certain circumstances, which will no longer be met.


But that's speculating, based only on logic, not something documented.

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Re: Adwords Optimisation for Two different Conversion Types in One Account?

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Thanks Calin for your feedback.