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Adwords Landing Page Experience - Below Average

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Hi everyone,


I am having problems with "Landing Page Experience - Below Average" on two landing pages for the keyword "telemensagem":


I have read a lot of documentation and tips but I still can't improve the LP XP.

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance

Adwords Landing Page Experience - Below Average

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Hey Pedro,


I can understand your feelings.


Here are the 5 important points to remember when going for LP experience.


1. Offer relevant, useful and original content


2. Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site


3. Make mobile and computer navigation easy


4. Be fast—decrease your landing page loading time


5. Make your site (even more) mobile-friendly


For more definite details about landing page experience, please follow this article which will guide you to achieve your goal.


Let me know for any further issues.


Adwords Landing Page Experience - Below Average

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Hi Pedro


To add to Sudeep perfect answers


1. The site is a little overwhelming when you first get to it. Not sure what your selling but I would try a landing page experiment with just one idea, one messaging/call to action/and basically solve the visitors problem for what they were searching for.


2. Not a fan of your theme or template, I was a designer(still kind of am) but this looks like early 2000's. Update to something more appealing and definitely more responsive to help your landing page experience.


3. your probably getting a high bounce rates(and sorry we just attributed to that by going there). I always give this example. If you walk into a dealership show room and see mud all over the cars, what's your first reaction.(to turn tail)


Let me know if this helps.