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Adwords Campaign Experiments: How To Test Removing Keywords?

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I want to test removing/pausing keywords that are spending money but not converting, using Adwords Campaign Experiments.


My understanding of how to do this is to identify the keywords, then mark them as 'Control Only' - meaing they are absent from the Experimental campaign.


Then, at the end of the experiment, I can go back and compare both campaigns and their adgroups, against each other to see how they performend with or without these keywords.


Is that correct?

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Re: Adwords Campaign Experiments: How To Test Removing Keywords?

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Hi DavidJohn84 and welcome,


Adwords Campaign Experiments are good feature in order to experiment something before you want to fully launch them.

So ideally as per my understanding if you want to test something new, you should go for ACEs.


But if you really want to take a look around under performing or low performing keywords, you can get the historical data for them and analyze in terms of different metrics like CTR, conversions, Quality Score etc... It should be enough to understand whether you should invest more time and money on them or not and whether you should try some new keywords.


However, you do have the option to run the experiment within the same campaign and set the control-experiement settings based on your requirements. Ideally you should run ACEs for good amount of time so that you can analyze and see whether there has been an impact or not.


I would suggest you to read this help center article for more insights.


Hope this helps!


Re: Adwords Campaign Experiments: How To Test Removing Keywords?

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I agree with Pankaj

Don´t make things unnecessary complicated. Just run some reports to find out which keywords are (not) performing and pause/delete/change bid for them.


If you really wanna test different kind of keywords (like match types) or account structure (but not bids, that is easily done with a single keyword in the same adgroup) against each other, you could add a new adgroup and make that part of the experiment.


Here is a good read:

Re: Adwords Campaign Experiments: How To Test Removing Keywords?

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Thanks for the replies guys. Let me elaborate on the situation to explain why I want to do this:


  • Client wants conversions (#1 priority) and traffic (#2)
  • Current budget is maxed out
  • There are a number of keywords that drive LOTS of traffic but simply don't drive any conversions - nor have they done for months.

So I want to test if, by getting rid of these keywords, we free up extra money which can then be used to either rank higher or deliver higher impression share on those keywords which do convert.


This should deliver more conversions - but we can't be sure, and the client would like us to test. By pausing these keywords, traffic is likely to fall - but if conversions go up then the client will be happy. But we don't know conversions will go up - hence the need for a test.


Does that make sense, or is there any other approach you would recommend?

Re: Adwords Campaign Experiments: How To Test Removing Keywords?

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Hi DavidJohn84,

Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy

As Pankaj & David rightly said, do not complicate things, when you know keywords are not converting from months, you can pause those keywords to save cost. All the cost they were consuming now will be consumed by other keywords can say converting keywords. There are high chances to see increase in conversions. I am saying chances because you know Adwords is all about testing and nothing can be 100% sure(at least in my opinion).

As far as traffic is concerned, you can add more keywords in your account. Can also create new themed adgroups to test. You can add new keywords from search query or may be you can also explore opportunities tab for new keywords.

My Opinion!


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