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Advice to increase impressions

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Hi All,


I have been managing the same account for over 6 years and I am looking for ways to improve..


I am just looking back at 2013, I had many more broad match keywords back then, which I used the search query report for to identify which phrases were converting well for us - I then pulled this phrases out, set them up in their own ad group as phrase matches and paused the broad match keyword.


These broad match keywords were proving to not be cost effective so it made sense to pause them and bid on the phrases which had converted for us.


These phrases just don't seem to be getting the traffic they used to though - so when they were being triggered by a broad match keyword we got a lot more traffic for them but now we are actually bidding on that exact phrase on phrase match it doesn't seem to work as well.


Has anyone got any advice for me, I'm not sure what to do really.




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Re: Advice to increase impressions

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Hi Laura, unfortunately your situation is not uncommon and it's a problem we all face from time to time.  Broad match Keywords pull in the traffic but can be costly, tighter matches are more efficient but can seriously restrict traffic.  Some things I'd look at:


#1 - Your post says you're looking for more impressions but is there any opportunity for more clicks by increasing CTR?  I'd be looking closely at my Ads, using multiple variations and trying out some new ones (even if the old ones appear OK).  Just a 1% rise in CTR from 1000 impressions a day is another 300 clicks a month, so little changes can have a big impact.


#2 - Other targeting.  When you tighten up the focus on Keywords, you can often be more lenient with your other targeting.  For example, if you were targeting a radius around a business with Broad Keywords, you may be able to make that radius larger with Phrase match.  Equally, a tight Ad schedule could be loosened with Phrase Keywords.  Take a look at what steps you took with Broad to increase efficiency and decide whether you can relax some of those steps with the tighter matches you now have.


#3 - Negatives.  Using simple Broad matches would have required a big negative list(s), but do you need them all now you're using Phrase?  A lot will still be necessary of course but the Phrase matches might themselves be focusing on search terms in such a way that you can allow some of the negative terms you previously blocked.


#4 - Ad Position.  If your Keywords are more relevant to the search terms, you can almost certainly increase their Ad position from where they were with Broad.  If you're already high(ish) in position this may not increase Impressions much but it should increase CTR.


#5 - Budget?  What sort of impression share are you getting at the moment and can you increase your budget if you're proving a net profit?



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Re: Advice to increase impressions

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Go ahead with broad as suggested by Jon, it will require you to add a lot of negative, but it gives a lot of opportunity as usually new search query and typo's are generated by users very often, phrase will ruleout reach to a lot of those. I have effectively increase business in multiple accounts using broad. though sensitise client about incremental cost and some drop in CoA due to this action as a cost towards incremental business.