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Ads on Google Maps Lists

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I need to advertise a chain of restaurants (high end market/tourists) in a country for tourists (abroad planing the trip and in visiting our country). I think advertise in Google Maps could be one good option.. However I don't know how to do it so, mainly using keywords like:

“Porto best restaurants”

“Best Restaurants in Porto”

“Where to eat in Porto”

How and where can I set up a Google Maps Campaign, so where people search for this keywords the restaurant (Google My business) shows in the search.


I don't know if I explain myself.

But try to search for "Best places to in London".

You'll see, in the search, a map and a list with names of restaurantes. How can I do that (and promote that for tourists).  


If you have some other good ideas, let me know please.


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Re: Ads on Google Maps Lists

Eva Rising Star
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Eva Rising Star
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Hi @João M


To enable Google Maps to show your search ads:

  • Enable location extensions for your AdWords account. Learn more
  • Set up or update your Google My Business listing. If you don't have a listing yet, set up your Google My Business listing. If you already have a listing, make sure your information is accurate. Learn more
  • Use location targeting and bid by location. Target a specific location and set bids by location, so that your bids increase for people located near your business. Learn more
  • Optimize your keywords. Use keywords in your campaigns that relate to your location and what people are searching for locally. Learn more


Also, do not forget to update you Google Business profile, to make sure that information there is fully completed and optimized for local searches.

Hope that helpsSmiley Happy


Ads on Google Maps Lists

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@João M


In addition to  what @Eva has said, you need to understand that there is no "Google Maps campaign."  To have your ads serve on maps, you need to create a search campaign with the search partner network enabled.  This means your ads will also serve in the traditional ad spots in Google search. You should understand that there are less ad slots in the maps compared to regular search.  This means that the potential to have the majority of your impressions occur in regular search is high.

Regular search is still an excellent source for these types of queries. You just need to make sure you can explain to your client how this all works if they are expecting to see their ads in maps only.