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Ads not shown for a keyword due to other ads with similar keywords.

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Hello Everyone!


You may have come across this message in your AdWords Account:

“Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords.”


This usually happens when you have keywords that are similar, running in different but simultaneous Ad Groups or Campaigns. In a situation like this, the AdWords system has to select the combination of ads, keywords and landing pages to check which one is likely to perform the best in the auction, which is why you see this message in the interface.


Remember, this doesn't mean that your ads are not serving, they could actually be serving through another similar keyword. Another thing to keep in mind, if this continues, the impressions and clicks may be scattered across multiple keywords, which wouldn’t give you an accurate representation of keyword level performance.

The best way to take care of this is to review all of your keywords in different Ad Groups or Campaigns, and make sure that keywords contextually relevant to each other are in one ad group only. You can achieve this by taking the following steps:


  1. Divide your ad groups based on strict themes that don’t overlap with each other.
  2. Eliminate duplicate keywords.
  3. Use Keyword Matching Options, like phrase match, exact match or broad match modifier to separate out similar yet different keywords and establish clear themes for every ad group.
  4. Use Negative Keywords, to make sure that keywords that are eligible to be triggered via one ad group aren’t eligible to be triggered via another ad group. 

Hope this was useful. Do feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below in case you require any further assistance with this.


Have a great day! Smiley Happy

- Manasi

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Re: Ads not shown for a keyword due to other ads with similar keywords

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Hi Manasi,

Quite similar problem I have read in this community earlier .. You have simplified similar keywords issue in adwords account.. Like Ad Based on Strict theams, Kewords Match, duplicate keywords and Negative keywords.


Clal Lodh