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Ads not showing

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I have an ad for "Fur Boots" and my ads are not showing. These are real fur boots and yet the big fish websites are showing up with nothing close to fur boots. The first results showing up are leather boots, snowboard boots and boot covers. How is that a relevant landing page experience? 


Google states my ads are not showing because, 

  • Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score. What can I do?
  • In addition to campaign targeting, you've used ad-level location extensions to restrict where your ads show. You can set a specific location to diagnose or preview these ads. What can I do?
  • Landing Page Experience: Below Average 

My product is exactly what my keywords are.

Also, when I go the ad extension page there are none.









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Re: Ads not showing

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Laurie,


Thanks for your posting. It sounds like you may want to use Negative keywords in order to block out irrelevant sites or searches. For example, if you added leather, snowboard and covers as negative keywords this would prevent your Ads from showing up on sites that sell those specific footwear. Here's a great link on how to use negative keywords in your ads. I'm also including a thread that discussed a similar issue with negative keywords. 


For the two issues on low Ad Rank and Below Average Landing Page experience, you may want to read up on this link from our support page on understanding quality score and this link on Understanding landing page experience.  


Lastly you may want to fine tune your location extensions, specifically location targeting. You can find out more about location targeting on this link. I hope this information helps!

Re: Ads not showing

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Hello Laurie P,


Besides the great information presented by JP I would ask the following :


1) Are you using all the match types for the keyword that you checked in the Ad Preview ? Meaning besides the natural language fur boots prices , also the phrase match "fur boots prices" and the exact match [fur boot prices]. Too many people use the simple broad keywords without looking at search terms and actually receive a lot of irrelevant traffic when they could improve the CTR and the QS by just setting more keywords in more restrictive match types.


Learn about keyword match types from here : link

Learn about what people who clicked actually typed in the search engine from this report : link


2) Since this is a Search campaign and your Ad does not appear on various sites, just in the search engine, the negative match keywords need to be in both singular and plural form and probably not in the simple broad form.


I tend to use phrase matches for negative keywords, even if they are made from 1 word.

A negative keyword written in simple broad can block too many queries , since it can match synonims that you may not be aware of .


3) What is the QS for the keyword that you tried searching ?


4) How many Ads do you have in that Ad group and is any of them including the keyword in the Ad Headline ? Ideally you would create 1 Ad group for every keyword, in all match types and use 2-3 Ads at most , all including the keyword in the Headline , to increase the QS.


5) Another common problem of Ad Groups with keywords with low QS, is too many keywords in the same Ad group. Do you have more than 10-20 keywords in the same Ad Group ?


6)  "In addition to campaign targeting, you've used ad-level location extensions to restrict where your ads show. You can set a specific location to diagnose or preview these ads. What can I do? "


Set in the Ad Preview tool the exact location used for the Ad.


7) About " Landing Page Experience: Below Average "


Try creating different Ad Groups for different intentions to buy. For example your landing page now directs the user to all kinds of boots.


You could create a separate ad group with keywords "men's fur boots" and [men's fur boots] and direct them to the specific page . The same with the other categories, there are only 6 of them so 6 more ad groups for categories.


Ideally you would create Ad Groups for every product and use a separate landing page directly to the product. This way the purchase is made in much fewer clicks and there is a good chance to obtain sales.


For example now from your landing page If I want to buy a specific product I have to make 2 clicks , one for the category and one for the product in the category. For every supplementary clicks you lose a percentage of the visitors who are not willing to navigate further.


You have only 35 products from what I can count , this means only 35 ad groups with specific keywords for every product.

Re: Ads not showing

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Adrian has some great supplemental information I would definitely recommend!