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Ads not showing with any regularity.

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I've had a products on the merchant center for years and dabbled in the PLA's.  

I put up one PLA and to create a category Google makes you create a text ad.  I've added keywords to the text ad and linked my merchant center to adwords.  


Now when I search for relevant terms - I get odd results. Sometimes my ad shows up, some times it doesn't.  Even if there are only 1 or two other ads in the top bar. It shouldn't matter what I bid if there are empty spaces correct?  I've set my daily budget well above what it would ever need to be to show results. 


Also I only created one text ad with keywords, and "when" the ad does show up it's not even using any of the keywords.  I assume these come from the product feed - if so is it the description, title, category?  What gives?


Re: Ads not showing with any regularity.

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Hey jamavan,


Just to get on the same page, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) do not need text ads or keywords in order to display. Product Extensions (PEs) however, can be shown with text ads and keywords. 


Which are you trying to setup?


For PLA's, you need to link you merchant account & AdWords account, as well as setup ad groups (no keywords or ads necessary), each with 'Product Targets' setup based on either product types, brand, condition, adwords label, or adwords grouping filters which does pull from your feed (confusing!)


Here is some helpful reading to understand a bit more, which probably explains much better than I:


Mastering Google Product 2 Feeds by Blue Glass

Mastering Google Product 4 Feeds by Blue Glass

Support for Filters & Product Types

Support for AdWords Attributes


Hope these help!





Re: Ads not showing with any regularity.

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The ad is the picture of your product(feed), plus price(feed), plus a promotional text (adwords product listing ad).

Also, targeting is done by google based on the relevancy of your feed. We will typically put one random keyword (paused) in the keyword tab, just so we can see where the ad is showing up. (Google has been pretty good at matching things up in our experience.)

This is also the reason you won't always see your product - google tests those formats. We don't find that bidding more gets you more placement.