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Ads not showing up after keyword selected.

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We market products to Real Estate Agents.

I selected Atlanta Board of Realtors as a key word.

It has been up for a few days, but does not show up

when ABOR is typed in. In fact, there are no paid

ads at the top of the list above the Atlanta BOR

Listing. I would assume that if I selected ABOR as a keyword,

then my ad would pop up. Help.


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September 2015

Re: Ads not showing up after keyword selected.

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Hi steve,


There are a couple of things to look at to see why your ads may not be appearing for these keywords.


One - If there isn't a lot of search volume for certain keywords, they won't trigger ads. You can read up about the low search volume status here. If the keywords start being search for more often these keywords status' can change and begin to show your ads


Two - AdWords has a minimum first page bid that is required for your ads to be triggered. You can see if this is the issue by viewing the status column of your keywords.


If you go to your keywords tab you can then go to keyword details and select diagnose keywords which will let you now if there are bidding issues etc.


Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions..