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Ads not showing full description

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The link text is showing, just not the description... any clues as to why? Are descriptions handled based on clicks?

Re: Ads not showing full description

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Badged Google Partner

First off, "are descriptions handled based on Clicks" No.

So there is something else at play if you are truly not see the descriptions.

As far as the descriptions not showing.

Are we talking about Search Network, Display Network, Shopping?

Are you using any type of Dynamic Keyword Insertions setting?

This may show strange, But Have you checked your All Online Campaigns > Ads > tab to view what you have running for your campaigns, Do they all have Full Descriptions?
(Just ruling out one possibility)

A Normal Ad in Search will consist of :
a headline ( 25 character spaces)
Description Line 1 ( 35 character spaces )
Description Line 2 ( 35 character spaces)
Display URL

You can see more here:

For more about Dynamic Keyword Insertion go here:

As far as you not seeing a description. I suggest you use the ad preview tool on several of your keywords to show what Google Shows. If you are seeing "Descriptions" in the ad shown in the Google Preview Tool, then it could just be something in your browser viewing.

Here is additional information on the Ad Preview Tool

If we are talking about Display network, that could be based on an individual site not displaying "Adsense Correctly".

To help truly attempt to solve your problem we will need a little bit more information, because we can't see what you see.

if you don't want to show too much, you can always contact Google Help Lines Directly as they have access to look into your account when you confirm your basic account details.

You can contact the Google Help Line through several options:

Good Luck
Eric G