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Ads not appearing to certain users

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My campaign shows avg.pos. 1.0, but it doesn't show. Why is it that even if there is are no other competitors, some of my ads appear on bottom of the first page, only on the second page or for some words i bid on the ads don't appear at all.


My campaigns are based on getting clicks, but my main objectives are to get my ads on top of the first page for all my words, because for many words there are no visible competitor ads.


How can I accomplish this?


P.S. I know that Google for each user shows different-personalised search results, but shouldn't sponsored ads be able to bring me to the top for all my bids?


Thank you

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Re: Ads not appearing to certain users

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Hi Magnet,

I would like to suggest other bidding option for getting 1st position.
Please go through below steps:-
1) Campaigns > Settings > Bidding and budget > Bid strategy > click on Edit
2) click on last Radio button "Select a flexible bid strategy"
3) click on "Create flexible bid strategy"
4) click on "+BID STRATEGY" > select "Target search page location" option
5) fill "Name" as you want e.g. Top of Page
6) at the bottom side, click on "Save" button.
7) Repeat 1 and 2 step
8) select your given name e.g. Top of Page
9) click on "Save" button.

Once you have set this then Google automatically acquires appropriate bid. After that you can set manually bidding option as you want.

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Re: Ads not appearing to certain users

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Hi Magnet, it's really not a good idea to search for your own Ads.  Not only are you affecting your overall CTR but the results you get can be very unreliable - as you've mentioned yourself, Google's results can include a degree of "personalisation".


The best tool for checking whether your Ads are being shown is the "Ad Preview & Diagnosis", which you'll find under Tools.


Note that even when there are no other advertisers, your Keywords are required to reach a certain bid and Quality Score to be shown, and to be shown in the Top positions.  A very low Quality Score may result in your Ad(s) not being shown, even if there are no competitors at that time.  The Diagnosis tool will give you information on why your Ads may not be shown for some Keywords.



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