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Ads for irrelevant Keywords in Adgroup

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Sometime to capture the lead we do use keywords which are not directly related to our business and website. For example- a loan modification lawyer may try to show ads to people who are searching for "loan calculator". There can be many such cases.

In that case,

1.- Should we use such (irrelevant) keywords in ads text/title to increase CTR or

2-use more accurate ads where CTR may be less but will get clicks only when someone is interested.

I go with 2nd case but what is there is very less clicks? Should we also go with first case also?

Need suggestion from practical experience. 



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Re: Ads for irrelevant Keywords in Adgroup

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Hi Anil, interesting question.


The easy answer that springs to mind is that your Ad Copy - and landing page - should always be a good match for the Keyword.  In your case the landing page could be an issue, but you should I think always match the Ad Copy to the Keyword.


Personally I'd want to make really really sure these "irrelevant" Keywords were pulling their weight in terms of conversions (or more likely, assists).  Although I understand what you're doing, I think it's a risky policy that could be causing more overall harm to your Account than good.



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Re: Ads for irrelevant Keywords in Adgroup

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I understand what you are saying and that is what many people think, use lateral keywords such as your great example. But in my experience, this usually produces poor results. Irrelevant keywords are named that for a reason. It's nearly impossible to get a good QS out of them and just drain your ROI. So not recommended.


What I do recommend trying is a content campaign. This service is something many could use so let people know you can help. Targeting news sites should be good for this.