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Ads disappeared

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Hi I have been AdWords client for some time now, and coming up on the firs and second page on google search engine, my AdWord avg post is at 1.5, but out of the blue, 3 day ago I received a call from some Google advertiser, telling me that my AdWords add will disappear from the search engine, if I wouldn't do something with them, so I told them I was not interested in advertising with them.


The very next day I can't find my page in Google search engines not more, I have searched all the way up to the 20 page and nothing.


Can someone help, and explain what's going on?



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Re: Ads disappeared

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Hi Andrew,


Google / AdWords does not call and make reports such as that... so either they were scammers or they were an agency that had access to your account and affected it. By the way it sounds, they are scammers. My agency get calls like this and they are always fake people trying to gain access to AdWords accounts. It could be that yourself and or someone else with access to your account received such a call in the past and gave them access by accident? No one should EVER respond to random contacts regarding Google (any and all products) or any other business (banks, technical support, etc.) or any agency (FBI, IRS, CIA, etc.). This includes emails, phone calls, text messages and more. If someone is contacted, use your own contact info and log in credentials to check up on things on your own... never by giving out.


With that said, just because you did a search (and did not find your ads live) does not mean your ads are not visible to others. Targeting methods, budget, frequency capping, etc.. all could prevent you from seeing them... while they are live with real consumers doing a real search.


Also, you speak about organic listings (can't find my page... after searching 20 pages) and AdWords. These are two very distinct and separate things. Your webpages are not listing in the SERPs (search engine results pages), which is called organic listings) by running ads. Organic listings are not boosted by running ads. When you run a ad with Google AdWords, you are running ads in various places with one being in the SERPs - if you are using search ads - but once your budget is up for the day your ads stop showing until the next day. AdWords also uses a mix of elements that you, the account operator, programs in for your ads that affect why, when and where your ads show. If these are not met by someone searching, your ads are not shown to that person only.  


The proper place to review yours AdWords actions are in your account dashboard. Log in and see what your account says is happening... or not happening. 


The proper place to review your organic performance is through researching and learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) which really comes down to this formula:


  • Adhering to best practices for a great website + quality content + quality user experience = strong organic performance. 


Please note that we can only discuss AdWords here, so we are not able to assist with the rest. Please research that on your own and keep to the point of AdWords here. 


All the Best,



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