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Adding notes or comments

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Hi all


I was wondering if there was a way to add notes, comments or tag an action that has been performed to an AdWords account or on a portion of the account.

Something similar to Annotations used in Analytics but more in-depth.


I realise comments can be added using the Editor but these are not visible from the online interface where my account managers prefer to work.

If you have multiple account managers working on the same account or need to do an account handover or see why a task was performed (not everyone knows why they do the things they do) these notes could be extremely helpful.


I’d guess that the easiest place to probably implement a tool such as this would be under the account Change History.




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Re: Adding notes or comments

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Hi Rainer,
Unfortunately there is not a way to do that through the AdWords UI; that is where the My Change History report comes into help. One thing you could do is to create and Optimization Log, or a shared document, where your Managers can log in and insert what updates they make. Although this doesn't help all the way, another thing you could do is use AdWords labels. Using Labels you could flag certain Ads, Keywords, Ad Groups, and/or Campaigns as belonging to a particular user. Then you could tie that back to some of document that was kept to monitor.
Finally, you could always use Google Analytics. I know it's a different place to add something, but you could have the users insert their optimizations into Analytics, since hopefully those changes will lead to performance you can measure.
AdWords Labels -

Re: Adding notes or comments

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Thank you for your response.
We currently use a shared doc for general information (it’s too time consuming to add detailed information) in G-Drive but inserting info into this doc tends to take up far more time than would be required to insert simple comments to account changes.

We also add comments/annotations to the Analytics accounts when making large budget or campaign changes.
Labels are used to monitor keyword “groups”, date added and performance levels - using it for other information would add too much clutter to this category/option.