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Adding new ad groups to existing campaign

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Dear all,


to one of my search campaign, that is actually running pretty good, I just added some more ad groups.


Since the campaign is on Conversion optimizer, should I switch all of it to CPC bidding again so that the new ad groups will have time to build history?



Thanks for the clarification,



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September 2015

Re: Adding new ad groups to existing campaign

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That is such a great question.

I would have concerns about the function of the new groups on a CO campaign and hesitate to suggest that you switch it off because you 'might' see performance issues.

Question...will you be adding more adgroups again in the future? Does it make sense for you to create a new campaign for these adgroups so that you can leave the old one alone, set this new one to CPC and then eventually to CO in the future?

If you plan to add new groups regularly then new campaigns may not be the best solution unless you have plenty of budget to work with.

Of course I hope some other people chime in and share their 2c.


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Re: Adding new ad groups to existing campaign

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did anybody end up answering this question? facing a similar problem ....