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#AdWordsTC - How are you facing changes within your accounts for Holiday season?

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 Hey there,

Mai Molina here, Spanish Top Contributor.

Before Winter Holidays time I asked all international #AdwordsTC their opinion about a topic using the hashtag #AdWordsTC. But anyone can respond to this. So, read the comments and answer below! Smiley Happy)


How are you facing changes within yout accounts for Holiday season? Do you reuse old ads, change or create new? Which works better?


  • We look over old data and build new ads to test, old data gives you a baseline, new data talks to your current base - @spencerwade
  • New texts, yes ETA. Display? We see better results on Responsive Ads, so new again. Dynamic Ads are old ones. @ratanjha
  • We usually start with old ads & then also test something new. Specially this year with extended ads @shaneek

  • This year the ads are mostly new because of ETAs and Responsive Ads @akostic_t
  • For Education Topics, I create new ads about taking advantages on holidays or giving yourself an intelligent gift. @NBengoetxea
  • Depends. We use old If can be resuse as per ad text content. Also along with old we do add new ad to see results! @NG_NehaGupta

Now that you can see the results of this changes after Holidays, did you use any of these tips?

Do you believe you can add any of them to your strategy in the next holiday season?


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#AdWordsTC - How are you facing changes within your accounts for Holiday season?

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Thanks for sharing this, Mai!