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AdWords not linking to Google My Business

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Hi @James_Clemens

I have similarely the same problem, though my locations do not show under the location extensions tab.

Could you go into more details about filters ?


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Re: AdWords not linking to Google My Business

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Hi @Debby G,


Did you ever add location extensions to any campaigns or are you needing/wanting to do so for the first time? 


  • Open AdWords.
  • Click on All Campaigns.
  • Click on the Ad extension tab.
  • Now change the drop down menu to location extensions. 


When you look at locations extensions in AdWords, what do you see?


Location extensions can help people find your locations by showing your ads with a map, your address, or the distance to your business. People can click or tap your extension to get to your location page, which includes the most relevant business information in one place. Location extensions may also include a phone number or call button.


How you will set them up depends on your specific setup and use of a Google My Business (G+) page. Most people use situation #3, and most agencies or advertisers have more than one G+ business page listed in their Google My Business dashboard since they maintain/manage pages for their clients. This is where filters comes into play. Filters allow you to precisely pull the right location into the AdWords location extension. 


In the screenshot below, you will see the filer box pop up when clicking on the add location button. I have found that I like and prefer to use the Business Name and label to break my locations down. Those are the only two filters I need and are easy for me to see them in AdWords and know which ones they are over at G+, too. 


location extensions filter.png


To use these successfully, you will have to fill in the boxes exactly as they are. Let's say we have a business called Pizza Pies and we have five locations and we have a G+ page for each one. I would first go to the Google My Business dashboard and open each location and in the label box, I would give each one a label tied to their city or neighborhood. ATL, TAMPA, BOSTON, NY, and GLADES.


The filter box for setting up the ATL location would need look like this:


  • Business Name is Pizza Pies.
  • Label is ATL


Keep in mind that spelling and caps do matter. Everything must match precisely. And once you add the location extension in AdWords, it will take roughly 24 hours for it to show, so you have to add it and not edit it or alter it... just let it sit and check back tomorrow.  


I hope this information helps. Please let us know how things go.


Kind Regards,







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