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AdWords is not working when organized.

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Short Story

Unorganized Campaign -

- Linked to home page 

- Lower bids

- Broad match keywords

- Quality score 7,8 sometimes 5

- Average Position: 3.0

- Maximize clicks

- Enhanced bids


-- Few leads a day but very expensive due to mostly wasteful clicks. 


Organized Campaign

- Linked to very relevant landing page

- Phrase match and + keywords

- Quality score 7,8 sometimes 5

- Average Position: 2.9

- Maximize clicks 

- Enhanced bid


-- a few impressions a day and a few click in one month. 



AdWords is not working at all if the campaign is organized with phrase match and +, even with higher clicks. What could I be missing?

Long Story

A few years ago I decided to try AdWords. I didn't know much about it. It thought it was a simple as setting up a campaign with a few keywords and linking it to my home page. A few weeks later having spent over $2000 and not one lead, I decided it was clearly not for my business. So as time went on, Google started making big changes to their search page. Before, I was enjoying decent amount of leads through organic search and only 2 ads before me. Now Google had the local search map. that was a huge downside to me right away because I was only shown in a very small radios. Even if the other businesses in the next city over, which is only a few miles, were very much not optimized to be online with a few fake reviews and a horrible website, they would still be shown over me simply because they were located in that city. So to make matters worst, Google stuffed the fold with ads. So now organic is halfway through the page that is pretty much irrelevant at this point. So my point is I decided to get back to AdWords because that's what is getting all of the exposure. So I spent some time and learned a little more about it and launched another campaign I still used broad match keywords but I was on the search terms section everyday and adding negative keywords. So that went on for over a month and I started getting on average 3 leads a day. Which is great for the business that I'm in. And so since I saw that it was working, I decided go all in and learn as much as I can. I launched a county specific ad very well organized with phrase match and +. I set up landing pages for each ad group to make it relevant. I put a contact form and our phone number all the way at the top. I put coupons, services with even custom icons, the design is great. But no results. No impressions and no clicks. Average placement was the same as always 2 or 3. Quality score was about 7 or 8 for all of my ads. The bids were set higher because I heard phrase match is more expensive. And the bid strategy was set to "enhanced". But just no impressions. I was getting decent results from that county with an unorganized campaign and lower bids, but nothing when it was organized. So time went an I got a call from Google. Their "conversion professional" called to help. He went through my entire unorganized campaign and asked me make some changes. I took off the enhanced bids, we added conversion tracking, and done a few other things i can't remember. The call lasted more than an hour. I was really excited because I he pointed out things that I never knew, I thought the changes he made would work even better. He scheduled a follow up call after one week. It's been about a month and no call. When I call him through his extension, it goes to voicemail and no calls are returned. Since he made the changes my leads dropped from few a day to few a week but my budget of $45 was still being spent every day. Now I feel like everything is a mess and my high hopes for a well organized campaign is crushed and what used to work no longer works and the Google rep is not answering the phone and I don't see the point in calling a different one and wasting time explaining it to them. What could I be missing. Any advice on how I can make this work? The business is garage door services and it's very competitive. 

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AdWords is not working when organized.

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Hi @Aziz M,


"... So that went on for over a month and I started getting on average 3 leads a day .. "


That's a long story and I would of course be unable to comment on each turn of events in it. However, it seems, there was a period of time when things seemed fine for you. If you think the numbers in that period were consistent what I would do is try reinstalling the scenario of that period. 


Selecting Change History under the upper Tools tab would bring you to a page where you can easily do that by considering pressing the undo buttons on the right side. The undo button allows you to revert a change made on the account. If the undo button is visible, then you can undo the associated change. 


You are advised to exert the utmost care and caution while using the undo button.




AdWords is not working when organized.

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Badged Google Partner

Don't think, know!


You have the historical data to know what exact search queries were actually generating the majority of your volume. If those terms were being triggered by broader match KW's, then by restricting match types, you may have eliminated those volume queries. If you have conversion tracking in place and you know what has actually resulted in leads, then target those terms first and foremost.